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To think fireworks should be banned

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madoldbat Mon 02-Nov-09 00:10:37

For sale to Jo Public? Sorry if this is an old chestnut but I really think they should go except at organised displays because
they are dangerous
they don't only appear on firework night but about two weeks either side + at intervals throughout the year
they frighten the living daylights out of old people when people muck around with them
they're often used for vandalism
animals are reduced to wrecks because of them. If they were only allowed at organised displays you could make arrangements. As it is it's almost impossible to be warned and prevent lots of grief for all
I don't believe in the nanny state I just think they're too dangerous

Linnet Mon 02-Nov-09 00:16:25

I agree. They should only be allowed at organised displays.

When I was little my grandad always got fireworks for us and set them off. I however have only ever bought sparklers. I wouldn't feel comfortable setting off fireworks incase something went wrong. We always go to the big display in town, it's amazing and the fireworks are so much better than any we could buy ourselves.

Vallhala Mon 02-Nov-09 00:25:08

Yep. Theres just no need - an organised display is not only far safer but also far bigger than anything the average Joe could afford so theres no excuse AFAIAC.

As for the effect they have on pets... don't get me started! angry

Plonker Mon 02-Nov-09 00:31:16

YANBU - I couldn't agree more!!

SomeGuy Mon 02-Nov-09 01:04:34

YABU. Where is the evidence that they are dangerous? How many people died due to fireworks last year?

Why should decent people be denied the right to let off some fireworks because we have a anti-social behaviour problem in this country? (and one that certainly is NOT caused by fireworks)

madoldbat Mon 02-Nov-09 01:12:29

Although perhaps no one died last year (don't have the stats to hand) there were plenty of serious injuries. I know I saw them. I'm not saying no fireworks full stop just keeping them to organised displays

mrsruffallo Mon 02-Nov-09 01:31:44

Fireworks should stay and idiots should be banned.
You can't keep banning things because stupid people use them in a irresponsible manner.

LadyGlencoraPalliser Mon 02-Nov-09 01:37:14

I was invited to my first fireworks party soon after I moved to this country when I was in my early 20s and I couldn't believe it. A whole load of not entirely sober 20-somethings setting off a huge assortment of fireworks in a tiny London garden. One guy got badly burnt when a firework misfired and hit him in the stomach. I really found it hard to believe such a thing could be legal - and 20 years later I still do.

madoldbat Mon 02-Nov-09 01:56:53 gives more than enough data. My views aren't as radical inasmuch as I think organised displays are fine it's just the impact of ad hoc parties and their effect on others that gers to me

AitchTwoToTangOh Mon 02-Nov-09 02:38:23

i hate them, they're bombs ffs. shock the brother of a boy at my school lost his hand.

AitchTwoToTangOh Mon 02-Nov-09 02:39:32

plus i do worry about the quality of chinese imports.

ParanoidAtAllTimes Mon 02-Nov-09 04:29:05

Hadn't really thought about this before (other than being annoyed by the random setting off of fireworks in the street in mid October etc) but I must say you make a good point. I've cleaned up enough fear induced cat vomit/poo in my time to rapidly conclude that YANBU!

Am only just discovering the joys of just getting the baby to sleep, then BANG! having to start all over again angry

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