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to complain about GP who diagnosed me with Swine Flu...(sorry...long rant)

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ViveLeCliche Sun 01-Nov-09 23:20:01

Okay bit of a long rant but just to get all the facts out in one go...

Am 34 weeks pregnant, caught a cold & cough circulating the office last week, was miserable with it (paracetamol...pffft). Checked my symptoms on Swine Flu website, took temperature with thermometer at home which was normal, phoned NHS Direct and spoke to a nurse to check what they thought (she confirmed she thought it was a cough and cold that had got into my chest and said to see the GP)and so I phoned the GP to get an appointment.

Reception immediately told me it was swine flu and to get on pandemic website and get someone to collect Tamiflu for me. I explained I did not think it was SF (related steps I had taken above) and that as I was pregnant my choice would be to not take anything since only effect was to shorten symptoms by 1 day. In any event I had read Relenza was supposed to be considered 'safer' for pregnant women. They advised me to get swabbed before I could come in and gave me the phone no. for their lab?

I phone the GP's lab and they said, "Why have they given you our number - the GP would have to see you to take the swab so there's no way of knowing you do/don't have SF before getting an appt." Grrrrrr.

I phone back. Insist I have an appt. Insist that I just want smeone to listen to my chest (pains in my upper back like my lungs are aching - v similar to chest infection I've had once before). Go to appt.

I get through the door and start to explain to GP, hve checked on website, no temperature, maybe chest infection...could you just have a listen please. I don't even sit down...neither does she....before she interrupts and says, "Well you look very hot, very hot indeed" (I had been waiting in sweaty waiting room for over an hour)..."you can't come in here if you've got swine flu and if you're 34 weeks pregnant you should be at the antenatal unit." Before I could even protest and say well take my temperature then she starts on about how having a high temperature is detrimental to the baby's health and could bring on early labour and I am being irresponsible. And shoos me out of the office onto the street.

By which point I have burst into tears (frickin' hormones). So now, convinced I am going to give birth on the street I get a cab to antenatal unit...skip to the end. Should never have been sent to antenatal unit (doh...if I'd been thinking straight at the time I would have known this myself but I still knew I did not have SF but should have not gone there with whatever illness) - ended up in A&E via kindly midwife and waiting for a very long time just to have antibiotics prescribed. For a chest infection.

Am I being unreasonable in
(1) complaining about the GP (to whom I'm not entirely sure); and
(2) in thinking the SF paranoia has now reached such levels that people are taking Tamiflu/Relenza for coughs & colds because of self-diagnosis/not being allowed into GPs or am I in denial about it being the pandemic? Those ppl I know who had SF a few months ago were laid up for at least a week, those who I know that have had it most recently have been out and about within days making me think ppl are taking the Tamiflu etc "just in case"?

TheBurnAGuyEffect Sun 01-Nov-09 23:24:14

Message withdrawn

effedorf Sun 01-Nov-09 23:30:04

Well, its impossible to diagnose swine flu without taking swabs. So I think a lot of people have been getting it wrong. Its all guesswork isn't it? Its just another virus with similar symptoms to other viruses. But your treatment, swine flu or not, sounds horrific.

FanofFireworks Sun 01-Nov-09 23:43:25

complain to the practice manager

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