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to think that strictly come dancing is not a serious competition!

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wannaBe Sun 01-Nov-09 13:36:55

It's just a bit of light saturday night entertainment with a load of celebs trying to boost their careers.

Nothing at all wrong with the programme itself, but this morning they were talking about john Sargent in light of what is going on with the twins in xfactor and someone said that "obviously he should have resigned last year, because it's a serious dance competition, not entertainment." hmm and it isn't. it's entertainment and nothing more.

Sn0wflake Sun 01-Nov-09 14:00:51

Just light hearted fun....if it were a serious competition they wouldn't have a public vote. Just candy floss telly.

June2009 Sun 01-Nov-09 19:00:50

exactly, i was hmm @Len saying that the result was "ludirous", if you wanted it to be serious you wouldn't involve a) celebrities b) a public vote...
It is good fun :D

GypsyMoth Sun 01-Nov-09 19:54:45

It's good fun yes. But the required elements are all proper dance steps, and it's not the pretty dresses being scrutinized it's the dance steps . The heel, toe placements . The weight transferral and body alignment.... All what real competitors need to do.

My biggest problem with the show is that camera angles don't let you see the feet well enough to see who the best dancers are. My dads a teacher, ex competitor and an ex Brit champ. We can't see the feet to judge tho!!

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