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to expect the police to do more?

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louloulouise Sat 31-Oct-09 22:17:45

Or maybe there's nothing more that can be done? I don't know?

Basically last Friday I was turning into a one way street and suddenly there was a van there turning out (having gone down it the wrong way) and scrawped all along the back end of my car (having managed to slam on and swerve to one side or else there would have been more damage). The driver looked me in the eyes and continued to drive off down the road. I was so shocked but managed to pull out of the way of incoming traffic and turn round the try and get the reg of this guy (sort of half expecting him to have stopped, but no, still driving). So I quickly jotted down what I thought was reg on my hand.

This guy in a van turned down the street and I signalled him and asked if he'd seen the accident, he said he had and the guy had pulled into the next one way street the wrong way. I presumed he had stopped to give me his details so let the witness go (stupidly without taking any details) and drove to the street he had been seen to turn down but he wasn't there.

At this point I rang my DH in tears asking him to dash out to pick DD up from school, which I was already late for from all this, and has DS asleep in the car. Told him I was going straight up to the police station after having another look round for this guy.

So got to the station and thankfully DS stayed asleep in his pram while I cried out the whole sorry tale to the desk lady. She took all the details of the accident and the suspected reg etc. She then basically said she would file the report, it would get sent to somewhere in Eccles to be investigated, it's a slow process she said, but no mention of whether anything would be done to try and find the driver in the meantime. She just said I would eventually get a letter saying if my case had been assigned an officer and if they'd been able to find the driver at all. She made it sound like it's a really lengthy process, I would have thought they would prefer not to give this person the chance to repair their car. I've never been victim of a hit and run and really didn't know what to expect.

Is this normal? AIBU to be peeved at the apparent lack of interest? Obviously my little accident pales into insignificance next to more serious crimes which need investigating but we're now unsure what to do re fixing the car, if we claim of the insurance we lose £100 excess and 2 yrs no claims if the driver is never found or paying for the possibly expensive repair ourselves. It just seems so unfair!

louloulouise Sat 31-Oct-09 22:20:20

Ooops, that was longer than I anticipated! Any opinions welcome!

PeedOffWithNits Sat 31-Oct-09 22:23:09

any chance of CCTV, or doing door to door yourself to see if anyone saw the accident, get a witness

PeedOffWithNits Sat 31-Oct-09 22:24:51

did the guy in the van who stoped have a company logo on the van, so you could try to find him, or write asking for witnesses in the local paper (depends on size of town/city though)

louloulouise Sat 31-Oct-09 22:34:16

It was a company van but I was so intent on getting the reg and it all happened so quickly, I didn't get a company name - if I saw the van again with the writing and the part of the reg I am 100% on I know I would recognise it. I'm so hoping it's a local business and that I do see the van (I live in a town centre).

For all I know he could have stopped and come back to the point of the accident and finding me not there (me having set off to look for him) - I'm hoping he's honest but has no way to contact me without any details. That may be rather optimistic but I'm praying for a miracle.

There may be a small chance that this spot is covered by cctv but it all depends whether it was pointing in the right direction at the right time.

This spot is actually across the road from DS's nursery so I will be mentioning this on Monday (we were due to go away for half term the day after this happened and only got back today). There is actually an insurers on the corner of said street as well so I'm going to call in there also. Good idea, I really hadn't thought of that!

PeedOffWithNits Sat 31-Oct-09 22:38:02

good luck!

louloulouise Tue 10-Nov-09 15:00:02

Arghhh! No results off the reg I gave (so one or two letters probably wrong) and when I asked if the CCTV had been checked the collision officer said no and actually laughed at me when I said I had been looking at pictures of cars to see if any jogged my memory as searching on a partial reg is easier with a make/model.

He said 'oh is it really doing your head in?' with a chuckle, er yes, no money to fix the car, can't afford to take the hit on NCB if I claim off the insurance and more's the point the guy who crashed into me was breaking the law by driving off and coming down a one way street - not that that seems to bother the police. I had to end the call at that point as I was nearly in tears (pathetic over a minor accident I know, but it's the injustice of it all, again minor in comparison to other things).

I want to ring back and ask him to check the partial reg on the make/model I think it was but I don't particularly want to be laughed at again and made to feel I'm making a fuss over nothing!


louloulouise Tue 10-Nov-09 15:02:58

And I've been asking around as suggested and written in the the two local rags appealing for witnesses, but had no success! It's all so frustrating angry

BlueyDragon Tue 10-Nov-09 15:13:45

LLL, try the Motor Insurers Bureau. As I understand it, all motor insurers pay into this so that accidents where the party at fault can't be found can be claimed for. I don't know what effect it will have on your car insurance - I presume you'd have to declare it anyway - but you can at least argue that you didn't make a claim from them.

On the police interest point, they're busy and they have to prioritise. The Met hardly blinked when DH got punched in a road rage incident a few years ago, despite full registration plate, the little sh1tbag being easy enough to pick up as he and his mate were on a scooter (with L plates so illegal pillion), contemporaneous 999 call and full statements from me and DH. Also with no witnesses and an incorrect registration plate they really don't have much to go on. A lot of CCTV is only kept for a week and/or recorded on repeatedly used media so that the quality is terrible. Not an excuse, but a reason why they may not have reacted as you would have wished.

tinkerbellesmuse Tue 10-Nov-09 15:48:15

You ABU to expect them to do more - they almost certainly wont - this sort of stuff takes too much time as far as the police seem to be concerened.

BUT you ANBU to wish they would do more.

FWIW when I was 9mths preg a man reversed into me when I got out to get his details he told me to fuck off and pushed me over. I thought I'd got the reg but apparently hadn't. I reported it to the police who said they were very sorry but there was nothiung they could do. I suggested they look at teh CCTV but was told basically it wasn't worth the effort angry

louloulouise Wed 11-Nov-09 13:51:05

Will look into the motor insurers bureau thing thanks!

I think it's more the feeling of injustice of it all rather than the police not doing enough. If I had my way the whole squad would have been out looking for him after it happened which is neither a sensible or possible option!!! I'm really bitter about the possibility of having to pay for damage to my car which I didn't cause, but again, nothing can be done.

I do believe in karma though and I'm sure the driver who hit me will get his payback at some point. grin

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