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to get pissed off with my cleaner for building towers?

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hf128219 Sat 31-Oct-09 20:06:18

Yes - towers of books on my coffee table. I have 2 piles of books - you know the usual type of coffee table books.

She will polish it and then put the 2 piles into one big one. Then add newspapers and anything else she can lay her hands on.

I get home every night and put it back into 2 piles. She then changes it every day.

I measured it yesterday and 'the tower' was
20 inches high.

AIBU or do people have 'towers' on their coffee table?

nightofthewakingdead Sat 31-Oct-09 20:08:15

Sounds like she hasn't enough work to do.

Every DAY shock! and you are out of the house?

grin at the measuring - YABU just for that!

choufleur Sat 31-Oct-09 20:08:40

Yes a bit. have you told her you don't like it? wish i had a cleaner everyday

sherby Sat 31-Oct-09 20:08:52

You actually measured?


wonderingwondering Sat 31-Oct-09 20:09:10

My cleaner piles stuff up, more so I can put it away in one go, than things that are always out.

Does your cleaner come every day? envy

Morloth Sat 31-Oct-09 20:09:35

Maybe she is playing book jenga?

I wish I hadn't read the post, the subject line brought up so many interesting possibilities in my imagination...

WartoScreamo Sat 31-Oct-09 20:10:53

Tell her not to! I too am envy that you have someone who comes every day.

cupcakesinthesnow Sat 31-Oct-09 20:11:52

If you have 20 inches of coffee table books then you have too many coffee table books on the table imo grin

LetThereBeRock Sat 31-Oct-09 20:12:19

Put the books away and leave out a pack of cards.

hf128219 Sat 31-Oct-09 20:16:58

Yes - she comes every day for 4 hours. She seems to like towers - she makes 'towers' of my shoes in our bedroom.

LetThereBeRock Sat 31-Oct-09 20:19:47

Could you leave out a selection of cups and saucers? And post the results? This could be interesting.

GooberIsLockedInTheBootOfMyCar Sat 31-Oct-09 20:21:36

She is hoping that you will tidy them away.

TheFallenMadonna Sat 31-Oct-09 20:21:42

Is she looking for stuff to do? Four hours a day?

LetThereBeRock Sat 31-Oct-09 20:23:31

What do you do to your house that requires 4 hours of cleaning a day?

hf128219 Sat 31-Oct-09 20:24:48

I did ask if my shoes were pissing her off and she said no.

She can be disobedient though. I specifically asked her to not to wash a rug in dd's room - but she did.

She almost becomes possessed with getting things done.

PumpkinsCantDanceTheTango Sat 31-Oct-09 20:25:16

How messy are you?

wonderingwondering Sat 31-Oct-09 20:25:27

Four hours a day and she's not doing the tidying/putting away? What does she do?

My cleaner is here four hours a week, so I expect no tidying - I do that myself. But if she was here that often, she'd basically run the house, so should know where things live. Which isn't in towers, presumably.

Morloth Sat 31-Oct-09 20:26:12

You are going to get hammered for "disobedient"...

I agree that you need to start leaving out random things so that she can make them into towers.

feralgirl Sat 31-Oct-09 20:26:57

Good god. One simply cannot get the staff these days.

Are you really messy? You must be a right slattern to create 4 hours worth of mess every day.

GooberIsLockedInTheBootOfMyCar Sat 31-Oct-09 20:29:26

4 hours is too much.

I am a cleaner at a 4 bedroom house on a campsite. I clean the public loos and the house, it has 5 bathrooms and the occupants are slatterns. I work 2 & 1/2 hours a day, 4 days a week. That is plenty. I also have time to make and drink mucho coffee and chat to all.

hf128219 Sat 31-Oct-09 20:29:41

She does everything.

Hoover. Polish. Washing and Ironing. Cooker inside and out/Hob. Tiles. Sinks/Mirrors/Showers/baths. Dishwasher. Paintings/pictures. Silver. Bannisters. Floors. Bins. Lampshades. Bed Linen. Towels. Windows. Doors. Skirtings. High dusting. Cupboards/drawers. Window seals.

GooberIsLockedInTheBootOfMyCar Sat 31-Oct-09 20:30:51

I do all of the above too.

LetThereBeRock Sat 31-Oct-09 20:31:30

Does your entire house need to be cleaned every day?

Even my neat freak dp who can't bear to see a speck of dust doesn't spend 4 hours each day on cleaning the house.

feralgirl Sat 31-Oct-09 20:33:00

Every day? My cleaner does my whole house in 2 hours a week, although not my cooker.

And I don't have any "silver". Or "linen".

I reckon your cleaner's lounging around eating your biscuits and trying on your clothes.

hf128219 Sat 31-Oct-09 20:33:29

Are you a good cleaner though? grin

You see, that's not my gripe - she is very good. But I sometimes feel she wants to take over. She loves to tidy things away on my dressing table - and then I can't find them.

Once I was going out and had laid all my clothes out in the morning - along with shoes and jewellery. Got home - and they had all been put away.

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