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I probably ABU but I think it's justified....

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Glitterknickaz Fri 30-Oct-09 20:38:48

.... well kind of.

We've lived here for four years now. Up until 18 months ago all was idyllic.

However, 18 months ago our neighbours found out we were living in social housing. Along with my house there are 12 other units of social housing in an estate of approximately 120 privately owned houses. Which is in line with the local council's policies - rather than building 'council' estates they prefer to mix social units in with private.

It didn't go down too well. Despite the fact there has not been a whimper of trouble - no fights, loud music or any other 'colourful' behaviour I have encountered in my previous social housing home - the neighbours were concerned that our very presence had devalued their properties.

They formed a 'residents association' which we in the social units were definitely not invited to. They've lodged complaints with our housing association about things such as my neighbour not having mowed her lawn for a few weeks back in the summer (she was undergoing treatment for cancer at the time), they complain when we park across the ends of our own driveways to avoid blocking the road when we have visitors then complain when we move the visitors' vehicles to a perfectly legal spot on the public highway.

Whatever we do we can't win.

SO..... AIBU to be planning a festive extravaganza this year? Last year we had two strands of rather tasteful icicle lights on our guttering, but apparently that was 'tacky'. So this year I've gone all out. I've begged and borrowed a ton of brightly coloured LED lights, christmas tree, star and snowman rope lights and I'm still sourcing more....

I'll give them tacky.

differentWitch Fri 30-Oct-09 20:41:11

Be the bigger person. If what they are doing amounts to what you feel is harrassment, you can complain as well as they can!

paisleyleaf Fri 30-Oct-09 20:42:48

especially the inflatable ones.

StewieGriffinsMom Fri 30-Oct-09 20:43:09

Message withdrawn

madamearcati Fri 30-Oct-09 20:44:09

LOL What snobs !
But don't worry the Housing Association will have seen all this NIMBY-ish stuff many times before.

Glitterknickaz Fri 30-Oct-09 20:47:29

oh I have a homer simpson here.... complete with santa outfit, 6ft inflatable

just need to find a light to go in him

all this stuff is logged with the HA anyway

PavlovtheWitchesCat Fri 30-Oct-09 20:47:43


I would invite the snobby neighbours to an evening of festivities to 'open' your palace of christmas tackiness - with shop bought pre-made mulled wine and Mr Kipling Mince pies, and flashing hand held lights for the kids.

And be sure ALL the social housing outcasts are there.

SquIDGEyeyeballs Fri 30-Oct-09 20:48:39

If you can do this to your house it should cheer the miserable buggers up a bit..

Or maybe something a little more subtle


GibbonWithAnAppleBobbingBibOn Fri 30-Oct-09 20:49:21

Oh yes and please put them up in the next week or so and leave them till the last day of Christmas grin

Ivykaty44 Fri 30-Oct-09 20:51:01

all out coloyur

Glitterknickaz Fri 30-Oct-09 20:51:03

ooh.... now I am liking those squIDGEyeyeballs

cakeywakey Fri 30-Oct-09 20:54:26

So it was all ok until they found out that you were living in affordable housing? FFS, what is wrong with some people.

In my area all new developments over a certain size have to include 40% affordable housing, which is a good job considering how high house prices are around here.

If you go all out for the display, do it for a local charity - they can't moan as much then because you are being a super-good person. Get the local paper down and really go to town on it grin.

BobbingForPeachys Fri 30-Oct-09 20:55:09

Not only are you not BU, I like your style woman, and have a Dh who can tell you how tro do thie with efect (he's doing a degree in thetare lighting LOL)

Miserable, NIMBY bastards

OTOH you could form an OFFICIAL INCLUSIVE resident'sassoication, invite the twats others along and stasrt to build bridges? Or just ramraid the existent one with big grins, bottles of wine and pull up a chair and join in?

Glitterknickaz Fri 30-Oct-09 20:55:51

cakey - yes that's about the size of it

They're supposed to provide 40% round here too but the latest developer who wants to build 1500 houses has said they'll only build 20% affordable and if the council don't agree they'll pull out.

junglist1 Fri 30-Oct-09 20:57:30

shock shock and very angry

SqueezyCheesyPumpkin Fri 30-Oct-09 21:03:50

Oh yes, you must do a full on National Lampoons Christmas Vacation style grin

Glitterknickaz Fri 30-Oct-09 21:07:42

Yehbut that's all tasteful white lights... I'd have to add some colourful flashing ones too

starkadder Fri 30-Oct-09 21:11:19


oldraver Fri 30-Oct-09 21:11:36

But surely they all knew when they moved in there would be a percentage of 'social housing' Its not a new thing had been going on for years.

JustAnotherManicMummy Fri 30-Oct-09 21:19:26

Is it worth you pointing out to them that having a dispute with neighbours is really going to affect their house prices (ie making them pretty much un-saleable as neighbour disputes have to be declared now) and that the harrassment has to stop for their own good as well as yours?

Can you afford the electric bill with all of those flashing abominations decorations?

ineedalifelaundry Fri 30-Oct-09 21:19:28

What horrible people. Why oh why do people have to look down on each other sad

What would worry me about your plan is that you will confirm their worst stereotyped ideas of who you are. And their snobby hate campaign might even gain popularity with people who previously haven't had an issue with you.

Firawla Fri 30-Oct-09 21:25:27

lol yanbu!!!!!
how stuck up of them

addictedtosuckingblood Fri 30-Oct-09 21:25:51

you are so not being unreasonable, i'd be doing the same! grin have fun [evilgrin ]

Glitterknickaz Fri 30-Oct-09 21:28:05

but actually ineedalifelaundry I may as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb iygwim....

if I restrict lighting to an hour or so an evening it'll be fine, a lot of it is led and low power consumption anyway

JustAnotherManicMummy Fri 30-Oct-09 21:28:34

Sorry I meant can you afford extra cost in electricity as tis not cheap.

<wanders off to turn out the lights and switch the telly off stand-by>

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