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to be in a ridiculously cheery mood considering

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MitchyInge Fri 30-Oct-09 18:13:02

. . . that today I lost my purse but didn't realise until after I'd started filling up at petrol station and the woman behind the counter blatantly thought I'd done it on purpose, the 'new' (actually 400 yrs old) Discovery is extremely ill to the tune of at least £500 for the 2nd time in as many months AND I fell off our new pony in front of thousands of people (almost a dozen anyway). AIBU to feel so lighthearted in the wake of these traumas or is it a Friday thing?

MitchyInge Fri 30-Oct-09 18:14:03

also my back up mobile telephone has been cut off even though I PAID THE BILL YOU BASTARDS

crazylizzy Fri 30-Oct-09 18:16:51

Embrace the happiness I say!

<whispers> Sorry about the not so good stuff!

SpeckledHen Fri 30-Oct-09 18:31:35

Why feel down about it - it won't change anything. I think you are bang on!!

thumbscrewwitch Fri 30-Oct-09 18:32:54

whatever you're taking must be good - keep taking it!wink

MitchyInge Fri 30-Oct-09 18:33:59

it could have been the blow to the head I suppose grin

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