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Didnt get any response under chat so thought I'd brave aibu

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hercules1 Fri 30-Oct-09 16:24:29

Just read another post about "men" with negative stereotyping.

Why do so many women have these negative views and feel that men can be excused from any shit behaviour because of their gender?

A person acting selfishly is acting in this way because of who they are and it can't be excused because of their gender. What message are you sending out to your sons about being male?

You know it is perfectly possible for a male adult not to be selfish, not need telling the obvious that apparently only women know,not need a list on how to look after their own child etc etc.

Rant over.

So aibu??

junglist1 Fri 30-Oct-09 16:29:11

Some men are conditioned to feel entitled. They shouldn't be excused from everything, but they are. Classic examples are "he's knackered after work" "wait till he's in a good mood before asking for something" etc and basically treating them like spoilt brats, which some of them do unfortunately turn out like.

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