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to be annoyed with my mum

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worldgonemad72 Fri 30-Oct-09 11:38:16

Hi All

I no i am bu as they are my kids but my mum offered at the beginning of the week to have them both today for a couple of hours so i could get some christmas shopping done (we arranged for between 11 -1 as lo is quite chilled then). I have just rang her to say we are on our way when she announces thats she is out and wont be back until mid afternoon. She offered to have them then but it cocks my rountine up with lo (he is 6 months).
Oh well, i'll just go next week when dd is at school.
Sorry just wanted a moan.

Lulumama Fri 30-Oct-09 11:39:44

she should have told you she would not be able to have the children until later, but she did offer to have them later.

why would it cock up your 6 months old routine?

worldgonemad72 Fri 30-Oct-09 11:47:28

He has his tea at 4 then gets really tired from about about 5, has a bath at about 5.30 then a bottle and goes bed at 6, he's a grumpy fella that likes his sleep. I wouldn't of been able get up town till 4 then with traffic i probably wouldn't be back till 6. I no i am being unreasonable as my mum did offer to have him in later in the day.

Lulumama Fri 30-Oct-09 15:07:46

i am sure your mum could give him tea and bath ?

ChunkyMonkeysMum Fri 30-Oct-09 15:12:50

I don't think YABU. You say in your OP that you arranged for your Mum to have the DC's from 11-1, so I think you have every right to be p'eed off.
Personally, I would have called her last night to check that she was still ok for the arranged time today, but she should have let you know if she wasn't going to be around.

Firawla Fri 30-Oct-09 15:39:39

yanbu she should let you know if she couldnt stick to the agreement not wait til you are on your way over!

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