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to think that if someone says "text you later", that should mean sooner than 3 days time?

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sausageroll Wed 28-Oct-09 14:44:08

Someone, being someone who is hoping to have a relationship with you (alledgedly!). If a text from them reads:

"[blah, blah, blah etc.] Text you later x"

AIBU thinking they might possibly mean later that day, rather than 3/4 days later when they say the same thing again? I am aren't I, especially if they are male?smile

Ladyanonymous Wed 28-Oct-09 14:52:59

If they are a bloke yes YABU, don't expect anything from any of them, then you won't be sorely disappointed. They are just varying degrees of wanker, esp on todays dating scene.

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