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Am I being unreasonable to expect the husband to understand my mood swings?

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nottheyummymummy Wed 28-Oct-09 11:25:30

Help! Having just had my 3rd baby 6 weeks ago today I'm having the usual amount of mood swings that I had before...she is a very placid baby and sleeps really quite well but I'm such a control freak that if I have one moment where shes fussy I'm at a loss for days!!!
I don't want my boys lives disrupted and my husband says I'm a control freak and i was like this last time and it passed.Just wish he would try and understand, he is fab with all the kids but seems to be emotionally stunted with me. Just feel a bit low and weepy and want to feel 'normal' again - any ideas?

Katisha Wed 28-Oct-09 11:27:36

PErhaps he needs a bit of science - explain to him about hormones post-birth. Not to mention lack of sleep.

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