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for not wanting to buy DS a pink ipod nano for Christmas?

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teameric Wed 28-Oct-09 10:12:44

DS is 10 and pink is his favourite colour.
yes yes I know I shouldn't be swayed by the whole gender stereotype thing,but just feel he might get teased about it when he's out with it.
He plays in a football team and is planning to take it to matches with him for when he is sub, you know what boys at that age are like.
I suggested he choose another colour but he says he dosn't care what anyone else thinks.
tbh I didn't have such a problem with it really until my DH and my ExDP (who is DS's Dad) went into one about it and have put these thoughts in my head.

claw3 Wed 28-Oct-09 10:19:16

If he doesnt care, why should they!

If he grows a tash, starts wearing leather and downloads YMCA onto his ipod, then get him a blue one.

teameric Wed 28-Oct-09 10:21:06

grin think that's exactly what their worrying about!

Crackopenthebaileys Wed 28-Oct-09 10:21:59

I think it's great tht he has the self confidence to not care what anyone else thinks, and that it's an attitude to be encouraged not dissuaded.

I would make it clear though that there will be no changing his mind once it's bought, and that if he does get teased and stops using it, you will very quickly sell it and keeo the money! That will make him really think through his decision grin

Crackopenthebaileys Wed 28-Oct-09 10:22:33

grin claw3!

posieparksherbroom Wed 28-Oct-09 10:24:03

The only thing I would be worried about is that when everyone teases him he may decide that he no longer wants to take it out and it will be a waste of money. Why don't you talk to him about it?

claw3 Wed 28-Oct-09 10:26:29

It wasnt that long ago that pink was all the trend for boys. My older boys used to wear pink t-shirts and jumpers.

Perhaps he will be a trend starter, not a follower and all his football pals will copy him.

sherby Wed 28-Oct-09 10:27:16

I agree with them. If you buy him the ipod he will definitely catch the gay and it will all be your fault. NOt to mention how it will make the DH's look wink

Lionstar Wed 28-Oct-09 10:27:26

Great to hear of a 10 year old not afraid of peer pressure. He is old enough to make up his own mind and learn from his own mistakes (not that I think his choice is a mistake). Pink is only a colour, about time some of these gender stereotypes were challenged. Show him you respect his own mind and go PINK!

teameric Wed 28-Oct-09 10:29:11

I agree posie. I have spoke to him about it but he seems quite adamant.
He's quite stubborn by nature so don't know if he's just digging his heels in to piss DH and exDP off!

teameric Wed 28-Oct-09 10:31:33

Also I agree, it is refreshing that he dosn't care what any of his peers think and I'm proud of him for that smile

PoisonToadstool Wed 28-Oct-09 10:32:55


My DP has a pink ipod. What of it?

Crackopenthebaileys Wed 28-Oct-09 10:33:27

You should be really proud of him for knowing his own mind at such a young age. I think it's a great sign of things to come regarding peer pressure

badgermonkey Wed 28-Oct-09 10:33:41

Pink stuff is pretty cool among the boys at the secondary school where I teach. The brighter pink the better. You often see them with pink scarves, socks or gloves especially. A pink iPod wouldn't necessarily raise any eyebrows, to be honest.

claw3 Wed 28-Oct-09 10:38:40

Your ds sounds very mature for 10 years old in knowing that a colour doesnt determine your sexuality. Perhaps you should get him to have a little chat with your dh and ex about the birds and bees!

electra Wed 28-Oct-09 10:39:26

yabu, imo -I would buy him a pink one. Any 'stigmas' which come with men having something pink are other peoples problem - not his iyswim. Anyway, these days it's less of an issue - on pink day for breast cancer, last week there were loads of strapping young men from the local boys school in pink shirts and looking very masculine wink

serenity Wed 28-Oct-09 10:41:53

DS2 is 9. He has a pink MP3 player and a pink DS <<shrugs>> His choice.

sowhatis Wed 28-Oct-09 10:43:37

i would get him a plain colour one, and say you couldnt get pink, they had all sold out. just to save him any embarassment.

posieparksherbroom Wed 28-Oct-09 10:43:59

Then I'd go for it, get him pink.

pipWereRabbit Wed 28-Oct-09 10:47:07

Why not get him a plain silver one (say they had sold out of pink), and then a pink cover to decorate it with.
That way, if he does get a little teased he can just change the cover if he wants....

squashimodo Wed 28-Oct-09 10:48:01

My eldest ds (20 years old) has always like pink accessories. He went through secondary school wearing the odd pink scarf etc. He now likes to wear pink shirts, jumpers, and they suit him. I think it is quite fashionable amongst young
men to wear pink, even my dh (in his late 30's) likes to wear a bit of pink or purple, as do many of his friends and colleagues.
It is really not a big deal. It is just another colour choice, and looks good on boys, better that it does on girls.

PoisonToadstool Wed 28-Oct-09 10:48:15

Yeah great idea sowhatis, disappoint the kid because of YOUR prejudice instead of embracing his lack thereof. Very smart.

squashimodo Wed 28-Oct-09 10:49:14

....better ^than it does on^girls

squashimodo Wed 28-Oct-09 10:49:34

ugh typos

squashimodo Wed 28-Oct-09 10:51:57

My 6 year old likes sparkly things, and other stuff aimed at girls, and `I let him have what he likes. None of the boys at his school say anything to him.
Let him have the pink one, it is lovely.

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