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freaked by rats in my back yard

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jaxxyj Tue 27-Oct-09 23:38:43

i live in a victorian terrace in a city and noticed a rat at the bottom of the back yard at night. started watching and now there are loads (different sizes)! phoned the council who came out today, said its ok cos "they are just visiting" they are in the back lane. shovelled some poison under the kids bikes and off he went. I am so freaked i cant go outside to put my rubbish out. Am i being unreasonable to expect more?

ineedapoo Tue 27-Oct-09 23:49:03

I am told we are always very near a rat

thelunar66 Tue 27-Oct-09 23:51:04

LOL at 'just visiting'... get thee to your nearest Guns-R-Us and buy air weapon. Shoot the ones you can see.

Worked for me grin

MmeGoblindt Tue 27-Oct-09 23:52:18

He? The council said that they are just visiting?

Aren't they going to do something about it?

thelunar66 Tue 27-Oct-09 23:58:35

shoot the bastards, I tell you.

they will spend all winter digging holes in your back yard, where they will have loads of babies that will have loads more babies.

Shoot em.

then seal off your yard with rat proof wire fencing, buried 4ft deep.

Shoot the ones that get trapped in.

We did that last May and haven't seen a rat our side of the fence since.

thelunar66 Wed 28-Oct-09 00:02:50

You need one of these, baybeeeee

nuke the bastards

thesecondcocking Wed 28-Oct-09 00:49:31

fucking hell i am terrified on your behalf
i know that doesn't help but i am terrified of them and mice-i can't even look at photos of them or see them on telly.
get something done-i don't know what or how or MOVE!

jaxxyj Wed 28-Oct-09 01:00:27

gonna go to the DIY store tomorrow for some advice, traps? (but id be too scared of them)at least they arent in the house yet. council say wuill come bac in a we or so Im gonna be on that phone several times a day til they do something more. I wont let ids play out in bac yard or get their bies out and its half term ffs! aargh!

junglist1 Wed 28-Oct-09 08:11:29

Eeewwww I hate rats! what if there's dead ones out there????? EEEWWWW!
Sorry not helpful

sherby Wed 28-Oct-09 08:16:45

Rats are the only things we kill in our house

They destroyed our shed floor, dug the whole thing up, ate the tent, trashed everything.

We went to war with them, poison, traps, air rifle, filled in the holes, twas the battle of '09 wink

ABatDead Wed 28-Oct-09 08:28:58

jaxxyj - we had a rat problem in our garden when we moved.

We got these type of 'Little Nipper' rat traps that are much bigger and more powerful than a mouse trap.

Bait them with chocolate stuck to the metal plate. As soon as they step on even sniff the plate the squesre shaped bar slams down and smashes their head in. I screwed a chain to the end of ours and peg it to the floor to stop them running away with the trap if they get their tail in it.

The other thing you need to do is remove all sources of food and shelter such as food waste not roperly secured in a bin. Piles of bricks or things they can live under are geat attraction. Also put a eay duty wire mesh at the bottom of your gate and chicken wire dug into the grond at least 6 inches around the bottom of your fences.

girlafraid Wed 28-Oct-09 08:34:29

I live near a railway and there are rats around, if it helps they are pretty much everywhere!

Call pest control - they are the experts.

madamearcati Wed 28-Oct-09 08:38:12

We have had huge rabbits in our garden recently.I thought at first one was a rabbit its so big !!We move them from one part of the garden and they set up home in another.We back onto a field so I think they come in from therei hate the bu**ers.Worst thing was when a builder left a holwe in the wall so they could get into then wall cavity and we heard them scampering about and gnawing in the roof all night.DH poisoned them and they eventually died under the downstairs floor and absolutely stank for a few weeks.All our downstairs is covered with expensive solid wood flooring so we din't want to take it up.

madamearcati Wed 28-Oct-09 08:41:25

DOH Should have said we have had huge RATS the size of rabbits !

babyicebean Wed 28-Oct-09 08:50:34

You want to borrow my cat - scared of spiders but takes on anything else that moves including the relief postie

jaxxyj Wed 28-Oct-09 22:55:22

thanks for all your messages,nothing new to report. still loads of the b**ds in my yard - will keep you informed hopefully of a result!

LissyGlitter Wed 28-Oct-09 22:59:44

i had the council out today to a rat in my garden. I have just moved in, but he knew his way round my house, he had been so many times to the previous tenant. Apparently the decking attracts them.

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