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to think that Most Haunted is complete rubbish?

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pucca Tue 27-Oct-09 22:49:46

Just been watching it, and i do like to believe there is something else, but OMG! cannot believe this programme is still going and people think it is real!

lou33 Tue 27-Oct-09 22:52:11

yep its a big pile of shite

ThisPhantomPlopsPumpkins Tue 27-Oct-09 22:54:00

yes 4 hours of Yvette screaming becomes incredibly tedious.

Mooncupflowethover Tue 27-Oct-09 22:59:52

Absolute crap, but I watch it occasionally anyway grin

Squishabelle Tue 27-Oct-09 23:05:25

Oh dear is it that bad? Ive got audience tickets for the weekend.

pucca Tue 27-Oct-09 23:06:31

It is quite amusing to watch but not realistic or scary in anyway to me anyhow...very good acting though grin

Tortington Tue 27-Oct-09 23:06:39

of course it is rubbish! so is pantomime - i don't go to that for the acting skills either

its entertainment

InMyLittleHead Tue 27-Oct-09 23:08:07

It's poo.

Con-artist: 'I'm sensing a Jack... was there a Jack living here at any point?'

Person who owns the house: ''


SqueezyCheesyCock Tue 27-Oct-09 23:10:50

It's bollocks.

ThisPhantomPlopsPumpkins Tue 27-Oct-09 23:11:33

I liked the "I'm sensing a Tracey... yes definitely a Tracey... and a Dick... YES Tracey loved Dick"

pucca Tue 27-Oct-09 23:13:31

Lol! Yvette said before "i know i say this alot but i feel really uneasy!"

LetThereBeRock Tue 27-Oct-09 23:21:21

I love the dog clip

curiositykilled Tue 27-Oct-09 23:35:52

Yep, total crap! lol I can't believe anyone would take it seriously - does anyone?

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