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to be livid with DH

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iateallthecreameggsyummy Tue 27-Oct-09 07:48:06

I know I probably am and its most likely down to being 27 weeks pregnant but.....

Since Monday last week he has used my car daily to get to work as it saves him some money every day and I didn't need it. Then he realised he had a puncture and in order to take his car Monday this week hed need to get a pump, I told him over a week ago I need the car next Tuesday (being today) for a meeting to complete my nvq so what happens this morning...

The pump does not fucking work and so he takes my car to work leaving me with no way of getting to my meeting and buses dont run that way. To top it of I realised the HIP grant had gone in my bank this morning and I was planning on buying bedroom furniture for babies clothes etc and putting it all up whle he was at work, along with buying various other little bits we needed!

So AIBU to want to use my car just once? I yelled at him as he left as he didnt even say thanks grrr men!!!!

whispers 'well he did say are you sure its ok honey' but then how the feck could I say no when my meeting is 5 min drive away and his work is like 40 mins drive!' hmm

hercules1 Tue 27-Oct-09 07:50:44

If your meeting is just 5 minutes drive away could you not just walk?

famishedass Tue 27-Oct-09 07:53:18

YABU - you said he could have the car, now walk to your meeting.

iateallthecreameggsyummy Tue 27-Oct-09 07:58:10

Gah knew that would be suggested its actually about an 8 mins drive does not seem far but to walk is a very very busy road, up steep hills and there is no pavement to walk on, plus its chucking it down with rain today.

iateallthecreameggsyummy Tue 27-Oct-09 07:58:29

so to walk would take about 40 mins or so.

hercules1 Tue 27-Oct-09 08:02:33

40 minutes to walk isn't bad at all though, really. I would be very hmm if my dh had to walk this and I had a 40 minute drive and he insisted on the car but then I walk a lot more than this every day anyway (dogs).

TrickorTreatTrunkThighs Tue 27-Oct-09 08:03:40

So your walk would take the same amount of time as his drive?! I think you know what you need to do smile

PfftTheMagicDragon Tue 27-Oct-09 08:04:25

You said yes.
He took the car.
If you wanted him to not take the car you should have said no.
Do not expect him to extract what you really mean beneath the seemingly meaningless words that actually come out of your mouth.

iateallthecreameggsyummy Tue 27-Oct-09 08:08:41

I kind of knew I was being unreasonable and has now been confirmed, it was more about not being able to go shopping and buy bits rather than the getting to meeting.

Boys2mam Tue 27-Oct-09 08:10:09

If its such a short trip can you not get a taxi? Not the best way to spend some of your HIP grant but it gets you where you need to go....

iateallthecreameggsyummy Tue 27-Oct-09 08:12:26

My friend is taking me as she so happens to be doing the Argos trip herself which is great.

I dont mind walking when its not raining and im not at the end of a cold and taxi is £7-£8 which I cant really justify spending.

Also the meeting is only going to take about 20-30 mins so a waste of time really. hmm

curiositykilled Tue 27-Oct-09 08:14:48

He asked, you said yes, your meeting is a fairly short walk away. hmm

tobago04 Tue 27-Oct-09 08:30:46

So you both have a car? Why was he not using his car in the first place? You said he could use your car but you gave him a weeks notice that you would need it today,so i don't think yab that uwink

diddl Tue 27-Oct-09 08:30:59

Doesn´t anyone bike anymore?blush

iateallthecreameggsyummy Tue 27-Oct-09 08:32:12

yup tobago we both have a car he has had a flat tyre for over a week now with the car sat outside on the road thats why i was upset he had plenty of notice.

iateallthecreameggsyummy Tue 27-Oct-09 08:36:30

Diddl I would happily bike but I worked till 10pm at night standing on my feet with no breaks. Plus riding a bike on that road would be hell itself. It would also be comedy in itself me riding a bike with my mahossive bump I have right now. grin

Its ok he just texted me apologising prefusely about his behavior so all is good and Argos dont even have the drawers I want in stock lol smile

MmeGoblindt Tue 27-Oct-09 08:37:06

You are both BU.

He should have changed his flat tyre.

You should not have said that he could take the car.

Men are unable to read minds, if you say 'Fine, take the car',even if you have a face like angry this, he will take the car. You said that he could.

Have a cup of tea and a [biscuit]

tobago04 Tue 27-Oct-09 08:45:14

But she did say she needed it today and gave a weeks notice,she is pregnant he is lazy!

Firawla Tue 27-Oct-09 08:53:50

you could always call a taxi if really didnt want to walk

iateallthecreameggsyummy Tue 27-Oct-09 09:11:40

not abandoning thread of to meeting thanks for everyone suggestions/comments!


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