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decision time....

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AliGrylls Mon 26-Oct-09 18:02:35

I worked in law for quite a few years prior to birth of ds 5 months ago. I was also doing a part-time law course over 4 years to become a legal executive.

However, since I have had ds I have actually lost all my get up and go to go back to work and have handed my notice in at my old job.

Anyway, long story cut short - I was in my last year of course and had only two modules to do. Had to sit exam 41 weeks preggers. I had my baby two days later. Thought I may as well do it to see how things panned out. I applied for special consideration (brings pass mark down to 35%). I got 35% exactly.

Apparently it has been refused by the board of examiners - they said pregnancy is not an illness, I could have opted not to sit the exam etc. I explained to them - hello, final furlong. They would have done the same.

Am I being unreasonable for thinking this decision is a rubbish one? Also, now if I don't sit the exams next June I will have to do the whole of the last two years at some point as the course changes. I am not ready to study again. What would you do re this aspect? In fact I have actually gone off the idea of working completely. I find it overrated compared to having children.

Please knock sense into me someone. I don't know what I am doing.

mazzystartled Mon 26-Oct-09 18:07:32

Take the exam

In couple of years or even month's time you may find your view has changed completely back and you are keen to work again

June is a long time away

Keep your options open

I think you shouldn't really expect to pass an exam at 35%, and you probably made a poor decision to take the exam - could you not have deferred?

kitkatsforbreakfast Mon 26-Oct-09 18:08:50

Who told you that being pregnant would give you special consideration? Surely you should have known if you were eligible before taking the exam.

Don't have time for a long reply, but I am slightly concerned by your idea of working being overrated compared with children. Your ds is 5 months old. Don't burn your bridges. You may feel very differently in a few years time.

biggirlsdontcry Mon 26-Oct-09 18:12:02

take the exam , dont let all your hard work so far be for nothing iykwim , in a few years from now you might be fed up being at home all day with the dc's & at least then you would have something to fall back on . x

alarkaspree Mon 26-Oct-09 18:12:54

Sorry, I agree with the Board of Examiners, I don't think late pregnancy is a good enough excuse to pass an exam with 35%.

I too would advise you to take the exam in June, you have plenty of time to study and it will only get harder as your ds gets older. Obviously you haven't completely decided never to go back to work or it wouldn't matter about the exam.

I do sympathise though, having a new baby is very overwhelming. But in a few months it is likely to start feeling easier, maybe you could start studying after Christmas?

tutu100 Mon 26-Oct-09 18:14:00

Can you appeal again, pointing out that you were overdue at the time of the exam and therefore uncomfortable, worried about the impending birth etc. It really does seem unfair of them. Pregnancy isn't an illness, but it does really impact on your life and abilities.

I think you are amazing for sitting that exam whilst not just pregnant, but overdue.

I think it is great that you are enjoying motherhood so much, but I think if I were in your situation (and I was in a similar one once). I would do the exams in June (if you don't appeal their decision) if it will get you to a place where you can stop without having to repeat yourself when you do decide to return.

Good Luck.

Tortington Mon 26-Oct-09 18:15:09

do the june one.

AliGrylls Mon 26-Oct-09 18:25:13

Hmmmm - thank you for knocking sense into me.

I know you are all right it is just hard to face the law exams. In some ways it may be easier next year as at least I have done the learning and it will just be revising.

Being pregnant did really impact on my abilities. On the day of the exam I saw one of my lecturers. He asked me what exam I was sitting. I actually forgot. How bad is that.

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