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AIBU in not washing Ds every morning with soap and water....?

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newpartyplanner Mon 26-Oct-09 08:16:46

He is going through a stage of HATING having a wash in the mornings and it is sheer agony sometimes espe3cially when I have to be out of the house on my way to work for 7.30.

He has a lovely bath every evening and on the 'no wash' I wipe him all over with babywipes, brush teeth etc so he is hygienic!

It just occured to me the other day that maybe I am a bit wierd and need to pull my socks up lol!!

ParanoidAtAllTimes Mon 26-Oct-09 08:19:52

How old is your ds? I suspect that YANBU, unless he's a sweaty teenager

allaboutme Mon 26-Oct-09 08:20:54

How dirty can he get overnight??
If he has a bath in the evening and you change his nappy and clean/wash his bum in the morning then that will be perfectly clean enough.
Thats all I do!!

PuppyMonkey Mon 26-Oct-09 08:24:15

I hardly ever wash my dd with soap (aged 2.5)... only use a bit of water to splash her face in the morning before brushing teeth. And she has a shower only once or twice a week. She smells divine, her hair is gorgeous. She is fine!

newpartyplanner Mon 26-Oct-09 08:24:24

DS is three!
The fact that he cannot get 'dirty'overnight (unless he's ill of course and thats a different story) is one of the reasons I have decieded not to engage in the morning wash battle, I do worry that maybe i am setting myself and DS up for problems when he gets to school age as obviously its generally nice to have a wash in the mornings, but hey ho!

TombliBOOOOOObs Mon 26-Oct-09 08:28:10

Have never done it and haven't even thought about it. DS gets a bath in the evening and I just use a flannel wipe his face after breakfast.

Meglet Mon 26-Oct-09 08:29:55

Yanbu. My dc's (2.11 + 13mo) have a bath every other night (can't do it too often due to ecxema) and I never wash them in the morning. I wipe down their hair with a flannel to pep it up, other than that its just teeth and face wash.

junglist1 Mon 26-Oct-09 08:43:30

That's more than fine

laumiere Mon 26-Oct-09 09:19:43

YANBU, my 3 year old has always hated being washed/bathed and we just use wet wipes when we have to.

meep Mon 26-Oct-09 09:28:54

Definitely YANBU!

I do the facecloth wiping of face and hands in the morning but that is it. Bath is every 2 or 3 nights (due to excema) and dd1 also smells lovely! I think I may be a bit more careful once she is potty trained as I can't imagine her wiping technique will be up to scratch!

<waves to laumiere>

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 26-Oct-09 11:30:39

My dd is 8,5, she is a little soap dodger and bathes on alternate nights. She often doesn't even bother wiping her face with a flannel before she goes to school. YANBU.
I should add, she is not in the slightest maloderous, rather fragrent in fact.

browntrout Mon 26-Oct-09 11:38:34

there is far too much washing of children in my view! A quick wipe over with a flannel and fingers through her hair and DD is good to go.

truoddsox Mon 26-Oct-09 13:08:44

yanbu, my ds (19mo) has a bath every other afternoon, in the morning I change his nappy and top and tail with wetwipes. I also wipe his face with wetwipes after he eats.
I agree browntrout, I know a lot of people who obsessively wahs their dcs. Obviously my ds is always clean, but not obsessively so.
I would say carry on with the evening bath and don't worry about washing down in the morning.

CherryPopTart Mon 26-Oct-09 13:18:24

odly imo your dcs are benifiting from the lack of soap and water on a daily basis
drys out the skin awfully
i think splash of warm water on the face, hands washed and teeth brused is enough for a morning

pooexplosions Mon 26-Oct-09 13:18:50

My lads are only bathed 2x a week, with a mix of baby wipes, quick flannel, and occasionally an old fashioned spit on a tissue in between. They are 5 and 2.

shockers Mon 26-Oct-09 13:18:52

My son (9) has the most gorgeous silky hair that has never been touched with shampoo... he does use a bit of soap on his pits though.

PartOfTheHumphreysGroup Mon 26-Oct-09 13:30:17

but are you saying that rather than soap-and-water-wash him, you'll still be wiping him all over with babywipes? that still sounds rather weird to me.

pigletmania Mon 26-Oct-09 13:33:14

I dont wash my dd every day, she is very dry skin and would strip the skin of moisture, i dont have a bath or shower every day either as i has eczema so YANBU

FlamingoBingo Mon 26-Oct-09 13:35:09

Blimey! shock


My DDs get a proper wash once or twice a week, and stick their bums in the shower for a quick wash if they need it between times.

What on earth do you think will happen to your DS if you don't wash him so often?

Twice a day???? shock

Too much time on your hands grin

<<walks off shaking head>>

bosch Mon 26-Oct-09 13:35:35

Never use soap in the morning. Wet flannel is enough imo.

Would disney/character face cloths help in the future though?

crokky Mon 26-Oct-09 13:38:51

There is no need to have a wash in the mornings - I'd give it up altogether. I bath my DCs (3 and 1) some nights (not every night) and I never wash them in the morning - they are already clean!!

overmydeadbody Mon 26-Oct-09 13:44:58


Of course YANBU he has had a bath the night before!shock

No one gets dirty between going to bed and waking up, not in this country.

My ds has a bath about once every three days.

eggontoast Mon 26-Oct-09 13:56:17

Well, I feel like a right dirt loving parent now!!

My 3 year old son, used to love having a bath every day, now he just a couple of time a week jumps in with me if he feels like it because he does not really like them often!

As for morning washing, not really on the agenda!! Teeth are brushed and face wiped if dirty! His hair is hardly ever washed, but is a clean as anything; young children do not get sweaty and smelly as they do not have oil production on the go till they are much older.

As for 'setting yourself up for problems', I see it a problem more trying to force a 3 year old than to decide myself to just go with the flow! I am obviously really lazy!! But I am a really chilled out one to!

shivster1980 Mon 26-Oct-09 13:56:42

My DS (3) has a bath every night bubbles in the water but no real washing as such. It has just occured to me that I have never actively washed him in the mornings! Teeth brushing and flannel around chops after breakfast but no real washing! He definately doesn't smell.

pleasechange Mon 26-Oct-09 14:07:05

There really is no need to wash/bath young children every day. My doc told me that I shouldn't really bathe DS any more than once a week

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