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"Family room" in a hotel - but not for my family!

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loneparent Sun 25-Oct-09 08:58:27

This was a few years ago but it still annoys me. I lost my wife to breast cancer when my daughter was 8 and my son was 5. On our first holiday as a threesome a hotel manager made a great fuss about us having the booked and paid for family room (Double bed and two bunk beds) on the basis that DD would be in the room without "another lady present". I had to debate the issue with him at reception and with the children present angry

sowhatis Sun 25-Oct-09 09:01:12

That is awful. sounds like a tw*t to me! xx

madamearcati Sun 25-Oct-09 09:09:08

What -she is at risk being with her Dad!!Complain to Head Office

KimiTheThreadSlayingAxeKiller Sun 25-Oct-09 09:11:20

So what if you were a same sex couple?
Can't have a girl with two "daddies" or a boy with two "mummies"? There would be an outcry!!.

Name and shame the hotel

domesticslattern Sun 25-Oct-09 09:49:20

Name and shame please.

HalloweenIsSofaKingScary Sun 25-Oct-09 09:57:03


The manager sounds like an idiot and needs to realise that families are all very different.

Did he expect your DD to stay on her own in a room?

Please do name and shame

tinkerbellesmuse Sun 25-Oct-09 09:58:42

I tried to book a holiday with a family friendly UK resort - well known for it's swimming and cycling wink.

My sister and her family (DH and DS 1yrs)and myself and my family (DH, DD 17 mths and DS 7 weeks) were going to share a three bed villa.

So there would have been three children under two in the villa - the phone operator told me this was a breach of "health and safety" and we'd have to book separate villas.

Cue lots of discussion and me saying this was ridiculous. Part of the issue was that three cots were unacceptable so I replied that DS who was 7 weeks would co sleep with us (which he did at home at that point).

Anyway the bloke basically called me a disgusting freak who could be accomodated at their family resort.

I complained twice to head office but never receieved a response but I'm still fuming three years later!

borderslass Sun 25-Oct-09 10:08:19

They wouldn't dare have that attitude to a single mum thats bloody disgusting.

HalloweenIsSofaKingScary Sun 25-Oct-09 10:09:11

Tinkerbellesmuse you had a lucky escape from using cots in the well known family friendly resort known for it's swimming and cycling.

We went in the summer and the cot was filthy. It took me an hour to clean the frame and got them to give us a new mattress as it was mildewy.

Swimming and cycling were good though wink

BrokenBananaTantrum Sun 25-Oct-09 10:15:34

I am appalled (sp) by this. It makes me so angry that this has happened to you. I am so sick of ignorant people who, if you don't fit the 2 adults 2 children family model, are rude and won't help.

As this happened a few years ago I hold onto hope that things mught have chaged but i'm not optomistic.

Geocentric Sun 25-Oct-09 10:18:59

People are idiots. End of story. If anything deviates from their stupidly carefully put together training manuals they can't handle it!!!!

EyeballsintheSky Sun 25-Oct-09 10:21:40

I'm amazed at the family friendly parc (oops!). We regularly go with four adults and four children (6, 3, 18 months and 11 months last time). However, next year when DD turns 2 they will need us to book a bedroom for her so we get to fork out for a 4 bedroom despite the fact that she'll probably still be sleeping in our bed and the additional room will be used for cases and crap. Needless to say, we're not going.

Niknak21 Sun 25-Oct-09 10:25:47

It's all about the money isn't it? As long as there's room on the floor that a ready bed with fit on why do they need an extra room because they're 2??

OP that is just awful, hopefully in the last few years things have changed.

EyeballsintheSky Sun 25-Oct-09 10:28:42

Exactly. We took a ready bed last time not that she used it and it was fine. Greedy grasping gits.

piscesmoon Sun 25-Oct-09 10:41:55

I think that is appalling, loneparent-I can't really think of a response-I am speechless! It is very unfair-it would never be said to a woman.

fizzpops Sun 25-Oct-09 10:50:10

Unfortunately I have heard of cases like this before - again some years ago - so I don't believe it is an isolated case.

The money grabbing issue is one thing but implying that there is something 'improper' about a parent sharing a room with their children is very hmm.

I think it says more about the nasty thoughts other people harbour than anything else. sad

piscesmoon Sun 25-Oct-09 10:56:25

I used to share a twin room with my DS until he was about 11yrs-I only stopped because it was no longer a necessity. I think that I might have cried if they had made a fuss at reception.
Unfortunately I think that this is discrimination and only men would get it. I would write to Head Office and not let it rest.

EyeballsintheSky Sun 25-Oct-09 11:02:59

I went to Germany a few times with my dad on business when I was doing GCSE German and we shared a room every time. A couple of occasions we even shared a bed. Didn't think the slightest thing of it at the time. Now I suspect I'd get hmm and threats of SS being called.

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