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To be drunkenly annoyed by this

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Rosieeo Sun 25-Oct-09 01:43:57

Considering the christian stance on homosexuals and woman in general.

I could be; I am a little tipsy after all.

Disclaimer: I don't support the BNP, I think they're odious, especially whatshisname.

MrsArchieTheInventor Sun 25-Oct-09 01:07:30

What is the Christian stance on homosexuals and women in general?

I've probably inbibed a little too much brun ale but I can't see what you mean from that linky.

mummysgoingmad Sun 25-Oct-09 01:18:14

no eithr could i thought i was going a bit mad an thought better to leave it lol

fernie3 Sun 25-Oct-09 07:35:22

I thought the church of England was ok with women and homosexuals so cant see the problem with it.

buy1get1free Sun 25-Oct-09 07:56:59

I didn't think the bible condoned homosexuality ... thought it was ok with women though - then again I've never read it, so probably talking shite - apologies if so hmm

Rosieeo Sun 25-Oct-09 10:48:47

Sorry, drank too much. It was the kind of throw-away comment you'd make to another person in the room, but DH had sodded off to bed and I was on MN, so I posted it.

I guess I was referring to traditional rather than current stance! It just struck me as somewhat hypocritical, that's all.

onagar Sun 25-Oct-09 11:26:31

Rosieeo, You were right the first time, but it's not considered 'nice' to mention that much of the christian(and other religions of peace and love) world condemns gay people and even more of it rejects women as equal partners. The pope has just offered to take on Anglicans clergy who despise women, so that they can do so under his protection and approval.

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