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To be wound up by primary school kids wearing shag bands

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RattusNorvegicus Fri 23-Oct-09 21:18:27

I work in a high school and we had Y5 primary school kids visiting for transition today. Lots of them had shag bands on. These have been banned from our school, and I'm sure most of the younger kids don't know what they represent, but it still goes through me to see them being worn.New here, be gentle!

MillyR Fri 23-Oct-09 21:19:46

What is a shag band?

mhmummy Fri 23-Oct-09 21:20:00

Erm... what of those?? blush

famishedass Fri 23-Oct-09 21:20:59

Ignore the whole silly trend.

The more kids know they annoy us, the more they'll do it. I think we should start wearing them. Then they'll go right off em grin

Marioandluigi Fri 23-Oct-09 21:21:20


The kiddies dont know what they mean. My DS wears them and he has no clue what they are. To him they are just pretty bracelets.

RattusNorvegicus Fri 23-Oct-09 21:22:37

They're thin brightly coloured plastic bands worn on the wrist. Each colour represents a different sexual activity. Put it like this - you wouldn't want your kid to come home wearing a brown one!

TombliBOOOOOObs Fri 23-Oct-09 21:23:29


Ridiculous that they are available, that people buy them and that they are everywhere

famishedass Fri 23-Oct-09 21:24:50

I've told me kids if they get one, I'm getting one and I'm wearing it down the school too. See how they like it. grin

LadyGlencoraPalliser Fri 23-Oct-09 21:25:23

They've been around before. They're just a playground fad. Not really worthy of a moral panic IMVHO.

MillyR Fri 23-Oct-09 21:28:49

DS has got them. He is in year 11; he doesn't know what they mean. Even if he did know, it wouldn't concern me.

MillyR Fri 23-Oct-09 21:29:38

Sorry, he is in year 7;he is 11 years old.

RattusNorvegicus Fri 23-Oct-09 21:30:01

Not morally panicking, just wondering how we got here from the deely boppers and clackers of my youth!

claw3 Fri 23-Oct-09 21:30:45

Whats the difference between a shag band and a normal plastic bracelet, do they have sexual activities written on them?

TrinityHasAVampireRhino Fri 23-Oct-09 21:31:19

I dont mind them as much as fucking playboy clothes for kids

does my nut in

IT'S a fucking porn mag!!!!

MuffinToptheMule Fri 23-Oct-09 21:33:35

Shag bands have been around for ages. They were popular when I was at school.

TerryWogansMonsterCock Fri 23-Oct-09 21:33:36

What are shag bands? where can i get some?

ChickandDuck Fri 23-Oct-09 21:35:52

They were around when I was at school. The boys used to snap them because they just wanted to break them, then giggle about what we then have to 'do'. (We didn't 'do' anything BTW!)

MillyR Fri 23-Oct-09 21:36:25

You can buy them in toy shops.

MoreCrackThanHarlem Fri 23-Oct-09 21:38:10

If your primary age dc wear them, and you think it's ok cos they only see them as pretty bracelets, how long do you think it will be before a more knowledgeable child fills them in?

Op, yanbu. They are just plain nasty.

RubberDuck Fri 23-Oct-09 21:39:48


claw3 Fri 23-Oct-09 21:43:54

Just googled shag bands, they look like coloured elastic bands.

I always wear a black hair band around my wrist, in case i want to tie my hair back. Do i want to know what a black one means!?!

mummyofevilprincesses Fri 23-Oct-09 21:44:35

The fact that children are choosing to wear nonb-biodegradable plastic tat is more concerning than the fact someone in the media has dubbed them 'shag bands' tbh.

MoreCrackThanHarlem Fri 23-Oct-09 21:50:25

No one in the media called them shag bands, that is what is says on the packet, and they are clearly aimed at children when they are sold in farking Claires Accessories.

Nasty nasty nasty product with sexual overtones marketed towards children. Can't imagine why anyone would want their 7 yo dd wearing the things.

BrokkenHarted Fri 23-Oct-09 21:51:31

The media has not dubbed them shag bands. They are what biker women in the past used to wear. the more the better for her.

MillyR Fri 23-Oct-09 21:53:40

They are not called shag bands in the toy shop; they have nothing written on them and have no packaging.

They are just plastic bracelets.

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