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to not give a birthday card?

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ilovemy2babies Fri 23-Oct-09 18:59:22

Am i being unreasonable to not give someone i work with a birthday card?

Its someones birthday in work tomorrow and last year i gave her a card and a present as we were good friends back then. However since then ive had a lot of problems with this so called friend she basically made my life in work hell.

Although im friendly to her in work just because i have to be but i dont want to be i cant stand her.

I dont give cards to any of the other staff i work with so i dont see why i should with her. Shes not a friend anymore shes just a work collegue.

am i being unreasonable?

Tortington Fri 23-Oct-09 19:00:13

if its not something that one generally does in the office i don't think you abu

Hassled Fri 23-Oct-09 19:00:57

I don't see why it's an issue. If you don't want to, then don't.

busybutterfly Sat 24-Oct-09 12:59:52

YANBU. Friendships change. Don't feel bad about it!

ilovemy2babies Sat 24-Oct-09 20:22:48

What does YANBU stand mean?

AnyGhoulKno Sat 24-Oct-09 20:36:18

you are not being unreasonable (YANBU)

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