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To ask the Teacher the reasoning behind this?

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VineGruesomeTits Fri 23-Oct-09 10:37:42

Ds2(3) started nursery last month, this week he was sent home with homework, fine, we did it and sent it back

Then i got what looked like more homework, to be returned ASAP, but it was actually for me to read and fill in, it was called 'my learning story' it contained a story about ds2 and his friend playing with blocks and building a house together with a door, then asked me to fill in a section with the following questions:

'How did it make me feel?'
'Did ds2 discuss this with me at home?'
'Did i do anything to progess it?'

I am not sure what they are trying to gauge by asking me this, i have no problem filling it in but AIBU to ask the teacher the reasoning behind it first?


PuppyMonkey Fri 23-Oct-09 10:40:41

PMSL at "how did it make you feel" grin I don't know why.

Yes, I don't think it would harm to ask teacher wtf it's all about. I would!!

Lizzylou Fri 23-Oct-09 10:42:28

Berlimey, that is pretty full on for a 3 yr old, and for you.

How did it make you feel? wink

Yep, ask them what it's all about.

Jujubean77 Fri 23-Oct-09 10:44:48

"how did it make you feel" umm bored?

BrokkenHarted Fri 23-Oct-09 10:46:15

Ask away. They should really have sent a letter explaining. It obviously comes off as a bit odd.

DailyMailNameChanger Fri 23-Oct-09 10:46:21

I would send it back, not completed, with a note saying "I left school X years ago and have not had homework since, I have no intention of returning to homework now that my ds has started nursery. I also wish to make it clear that 3yo is far too young to be receiving homework and I will not be supporting this if it is sent home on a regular basis"

But then I think 5 yo is too young for homework... and 6 and 7 wink

VineGruesomeTits Fri 23-Oct-09 10:49:57

Yes i thought it was a bit odd (and it was slightly patronising in tone) but things have changed alot since ds1 went to school so i am trying to keep an open mind

I feel like i have to do homework! and suspect (possibly AIBU) they are trying to gauge how interested i am, or how articuate i am, or if i bother to interact with him after school

VineGruesomeTits Fri 23-Oct-09 10:51:43

I also think 3 is too young for homework, do ofsted support this? anyone know?

overmydeadbody Fri 23-Oct-09 10:55:47

It's just for their records, to help them assess and support your DS's learning. If it made you feel bored, then say so.

It's not odd though, they are just collecting information. They want to know if he does this at home too or not, if he's fixated on a particular schema, how involved the parents are with their children etc etc.

claw3 Fri 23-Oct-09 10:56:24

They are asking how did it make YOU feel, that he built a house with a friend or how did HE feel?

DailyMailNameChanger Fri 23-Oct-09 10:56:43

No, ofsted only support homework at school age as I understand it.

I would seriously be getting my "back off" letter writing pen out!

overmydeadbody Fri 23-Oct-09 10:56:43

Well what was the homework he was set?

You do know you don't have to do it don't you? The homework I mean.

TombliBOOOOOObs Fri 23-Oct-09 10:56:48

The homework is ridiculous for a 3 year old. The learning story is just a way of working in partnership with parents which is becoming increasingly more important to OFSTED, though they should have sent an a letter explaining what it was all about.

Definitely ask them about it.

stealthsquiggle Fri 23-Oct-09 10:59:40

It's definitely part of their Early Years record-keeping - but they should have explained - so go ahead and ask.

VineGruesomeTits Fri 23-Oct-09 11:02:12

OMDB i didnt say it made me feel bored

They ask me how it made ME feel, i would just like to understand their reasoning bahing it, so in the future, when i get more of this kind of thing, i know why!

VineGruesomeTits Fri 23-Oct-09 11:03:42

The homework he was set was to practice drawing a number 2

ImSoNotTelling Fri 23-Oct-09 11:06:54

DD started nursery recently. She has a little book that they write in to say what she's been up to, and she gets a toddler story book to bring home (we read it at bedtime but I doubt they are quizzing her to check she has "done it").

I have also been presented with some really super artwork hmm

I would be extremely WTF with homework and those questions are just nuts. "How does it make you feel that your DC plays with other children at nursery, then, eh? eh?"

Reply that you feel disappointed and angry that he plays with his friends, your DC are not allowed to speak in your presence and so naturally have not discussed anything, and you have decided not to progress it as it is not on the advanced oxbridge syllabus.

Seriously it is too much, and silly, and i would be a bit offended by the implication of the questions.

claw3 Fri 23-Oct-09 11:07:30

Very odd, ive never heard of this before. I would ask.

diddl Fri 23-Oct-09 11:12:32

How did it make you feel-"confused and wondering what the point was"?

"warm and fuzzy to hear that my three year old plays so nicely/productively/happily with his little friend"?

Hassled Fri 23-Oct-09 11:12:53

This is just barking. I would tell them that it makes you feel like they are insane.

At 3 he sould be learning through play and developing social skills. Not practising the number 2 in his spare time, FFS.

diddl Fri 23-Oct-09 11:13:27

Forgot to say, yes, I think I would be asking what it was all about.

Jux Fri 23-Oct-09 11:13:37

Very weird. I assume it's part of the Gov policy on early education. Something to do with families supporting it. Bit over the top for such little ones though.

VineGruesomeTits Fri 23-Oct-09 11:13:48

I guess i am a little offended by the questions, which is why i am questioning it

'How did it make me feel?' er hmm

Also, i don't actually think it was a 'learning' story, as in, he didnt learn anything that he doesnt already know

He goes to a private nursery full time, but has started state nursery school in the afternoons, i just think is odd

claw3 Fri 23-Oct-09 11:20:31

Learning stories are supposed to be built upon ie a little book. I have heard of these before, but not for you to comment on.

Ds got one, when he left nursery, it included photographs of him doing different things, with little captions 'ds making cakes', ds riding a scooter' etc.

Perhaps the nursery would like to add some input from you?

whoooooisasking Fri 23-Oct-09 11:22:14

'How did it make me feel?'

Cold. Oh so very cold.

'Did ds2 discuss this with me at home?'

He wept, bitter tears of regret that the door opened outwardly instead of inwardly. DAMN THOSE BLOCKS, damn them to Hell.

'Did i do anything to progess it?'

I had some gin.

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