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to think the teacher might have mentioned something to me ?

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madamearcati Wed 21-Oct-09 23:52:47

DD2 is in reception and seems to have taken to school like a duck to water . She is a quiet but confident girl and has a really sunny happy disposition.
I collected her from school as normal, I thought she looked a bit tense but I was then approached by another mother to see if she could go to tea.So I didn't see her or her big sister wgho had also gone to friends til nearly bedtime DD1 then casually mentioned to me that DD2 had been crying all day.Apparently she had started just before assembley at about 10.15 (she was asked to leave the room twice)and had been quietly crying in all 3 playtimes.DD2 confirmed that she had been crying all day but couldn't saymore than it was because she was frightened of boys.
She has already woken up twice this evening to say she is frightened to go back to school.
I am really surprised the teacher didn't say anything to me ( except have a good holiday) in view of the fact she is normally so happy We have broken up for half term now , so we are not going to get it resolved for another week and a half !

Vallhala Thu 22-Oct-09 00:39:09

Asked to leave the room twice? For crying? At reception age?

I'd be inclined to go into school on the first morning back and ask to see the class teacher before lessons started to find out what is going on. If you're not satisfied, then speak to the head - they surely should have spoken to you today and I can't imagine what they were thinking of in asking your DD to leave the room at her age.

nappyaddict Thu 22-Oct-09 01:55:13

Are you sure she was not asked to leave the room so she could a) stop disrupting the other children and b) be comforted away from the stares of 29 pairs of eyes.

tinkerbellesmuse Thu 22-Oct-09 06:17:19


My DD (FS2) told me that she saw DS (FS1)crying at school a couple of times and I thought it was odd that it wasn't mentioned. However having raised it with his teacher she said that at that age all the children cry at various points in the day and in her opinion unless the child was particularly disturbed/or the teachers were unable to ascertain the cause of the upset it wouldn't be mentioned otherwise it would be all we hear.

My DS's teacher is experienced and I feel a good judge of situations and therefore I was happy with that explanation.

However if he had been crying all day of course I would expect to be told - in fact I'd have expected the school to call me and ask me to come in.

You need to speak to the teacher to find out how long she was crying for - presumably your DD1 is in a different class so wouldn't be able to say she was upset all the time and little ones do have a tendency to exagerate and say something went on all day when in fact it was a relatively short time.

madamearcati Thu 22-Oct-09 09:42:53

thanks for your replies.I don't think she was asked to leave the room in a cross way , mopre to give her a chance to be comforted.
She is having a long sleep in this morning.
have decided to ring the school too as its a training day the staff should be there and ask if DDs teacher can phone me back.

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