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To think that the bus driver did the right thing even though it was very inconvenient to me?

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dilemma456 Tue 20-Oct-09 20:38:28

Message withdrawn

gingernutlover Tue 20-Oct-09 20:40:15

YANBU he totally did the right thing. Isn't it against the rules to be drunk on public transport or something?

edam Tue 20-Oct-09 20:43:47

Jolly well done that bus driver and passengers.

I've seen a bus driver do that once before - I think it's the ultimate option when all else has failed (think that was someone trying to get away without paying).

MrsChemist Tue 20-Oct-09 20:48:01

All the buses round here usually do that. It's good because it gets the other passengers on the bus drivers side. Arrogant twats who think they shouldn't pay are fine with picking on one person, but will scarper when faced with a bus full of irate passengers.

Dragonfly73 Tue 20-Oct-09 20:57:00

i would LOVE it if my bus driver did that. Living in inner city London i see that kind of yobbish behavior all the time and the drivers just ignore it.

Northernlurker Tue 20-Oct-09 20:57:06

YANBU - he was right and it sounds like everybody on the bus agrees.

Fraochsmum Tue 20-Oct-09 20:57:15

YANBU, I think he did the right thing. Some years back a passenger started smoking on the top deck of a bus I was on, and it was another passenger who told him to put it out. It was the middle of summer, packed bus, and I just wanted to applaud the man

beaniesinthebucketagain Tue 20-Oct-09 21:34:57


well done mr bus driver, and passengers who helped grin

caramelwaffle Tue 20-Oct-09 22:09:18


fluffles Tue 20-Oct-09 22:13:08

this would happen quite regularly on night buses in london. the driver would not drive until the person paid or got off and the rest of the passangers would be required to act unless they wanted to wait for the police who would be ages... i always dreaded it happening if i was the only passenger though.

mrsxmas Wed 21-Oct-09 10:05:00

Yay! to the bus driver and those chaps who helped.

mumeeee Thu 22-Oct-09 11:57:09


boundarybabe Thu 22-Oct-09 12:03:53

I saw a guy try to rob a bus once - he got on with an obviously nicked busspass, tried to grab the money and the driver told him to get off. Then several elderly ladies started having a go at the would be robber saying he was making them late!! He got off when faced with a barrage of waving umbrellas and walking sticks. Brilliant.

Hando Thu 22-Oct-09 12:11:07

I was waiting at the bus station once and a stationary bus was just opening it's doors to let the passengers on (so it'd been in the depot waiting with no passengers) The bus driver was in the cab with the money metal box, the robber jumped on and tried to grab the money box so the driver smacked hm round the head with it and he ran away! Made my day! grin

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