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to think a dead mouse in the lunchboxes is a problem?

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auntyitaly Mon 19-Oct-09 14:28:07

So I'm rivered by a new series of Times rants by a mum who is writing about her kids’ local primary. It sounds pretty dreadful – jobsworth idle staff, killjoy head, broken windows, etc etc.

This week’s episode – which apparently is all true – carries even worse accusations

Why did I read it at lunch? Bleaeargh – are most primaries like this? I'm so worried for my babes....

laundryismylife Mon 19-Oct-09 14:54:18

Rest assured, auntyitaly, I don't think most primaries are like this. I wonder which one it could be...

auntyitaly Mon 19-Oct-09 17:37:07

I am so dismayed that a school can be this hopeless - has anyone else had examples of this lame-o (as my DN would say) carrying on?

I suppose the only plus is that Julia isn't complaining about little Kylie/Jason in year 6 carrying a knife in their pencil cases. But how good can the educational standards be at a place like that?

Or am I (and Julia) being too middle-class and pernickety?

Sometimes I think I don't wear the Boden wellies, but maybe I've still got a bourgeois stick-in-the-mud aherence to cleanliness, politeness, etc. Oh woe - am I being a middle-class moaner?

laundryismylife Mon 19-Oct-09 20:25:41

I think you can still care about standards auntyitaly whether or not you are fully Bodened up. I don't believe the middle classes have got a monopoly on finding dead vermin in food storage areas a bit stomach churning grin.

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