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to ask my new neigbours to give us advance warning of any more loud parties?

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AvrilH Mon 19-Oct-09 13:43:22

We moved to a terraced house in a quiet area two weeks ago. The neighbours on one side called around to welcome us and have been generally very friendly. We've never met the neighbours on the other side, but on Friday night they had a big party, very loud music, screaming and shouting until about 3 am. My 9mo DD was terrified, and would not settle. I was up with her most of the night.

On Saturday night, she was overtired and slept badly, I was up several times. About 3am she was very upset and cried loudly, and the party neighbours started slamming doors. Under normal circumstances, I'd have felt guilty and miserable, but I was rather pleased that she seemed to have woken them as well.

So, I'd love to introduce myself to the party neighbours and ask them to give us advance warning in future. That way, we'd be prepared and could put DD in a travel cot on the other side of the house with some music or white noise. But am aware that this might annoy them, and that they may also be resentful of DD's waking them. I'd also love to whinge ask the friendly neighbours for advice, but it might come across badly...

Any advice would be appreciated!


ChunkyMonkeysMum Mon 19-Oct-09 13:47:58

I think TBH that you should maybe let it go this time. If it becomes as regular occurence, then definitely have a word, but as this was the first time, let it go or it could be very awkward for you living there.

If you happen to see the "noisy" neighbours, say "Sorry if DD woke you on Saturday night, but she slept really badly the night before because of the loud music" and see what they say.

emsyj Mon 19-Oct-09 13:51:59

Well... a few years ago we bought our first house, which was (like yours) a terraced house in a quiet area. A week or two later, the woman next door had a loud party on a Friday night and it was very noisy in our house. We could hear the music very clearly. We went up to bed complaining and wondering how best to complain, but fell asleep anyway despite the noise (obviously no DC) and next day began a long week of fretting about noise etc and 'what have we done buying this house'. As it turned out, it was the first and last time and in 2 and a half years of living in that house we never heard a peep from her again, save for once she brought us some wine & beers after we did a neighbourly good deed for her. She was in all respects an exemplary neighbour and sent Xmas cards, said hello and stroked our cat when he walked on the party wall (which I witnessed through the window and which gave me a warm feeling inside!) It might be a one-off. I wouldn't bother saying anything. They know they were noisy, they also now know they woke your child - if they do it again, go round while the party is actually going on and say something. Complaining now just makes you look like the fun police - and may unnecessarily sour the relationship.

AvrilH Mon 19-Oct-09 13:59:17

Thanks! We'll have to let it go

emsyj, fingers crossed it is the same for us

I guess it is emotional, having just moved, I miss our old neighbours, who were all lovely.

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