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Should i be grateful for being a sahm and not having to work should i be happy with what i have

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cava Sun 18-Oct-09 11:37:16

I have choose to be a sahm only becuase I didn't want to work in the evenings and I gave it up so I could get the children into a routine and also son was starting school I would struggle to work 4 late nights to 12.00 and then get up to take kids to school,should I be grateful that im able to stay at home but had to make sacrifices like no new clothes for me or the kids or meals out you know extras etc.
My partner says he will pay for me to go back to college to add to my qualifications although I will look for a job after xmas for me to have my own money and to become good at my carrer eventually, am I unresponsible xx

cava Sun 18-Oct-09 11:38:13

sorry Unreasonable cant spell

vvvodka Sun 18-Oct-09 11:40:37

we should always be graterful for what we have. but that doesn tmean we shouldnt strive for more.

NestaFiesta Wed 21-Oct-09 10:00:23

I am a SAHM and I am incredibly grateful every day that I am able to be. Its harder than any other job I've had, but I'm the best person qualified for this job!

I'm sure there are loads of working mothers who would like to stay at home but are unable to. There are also many who need to work to keep sane. None of us are wrong, as long as our kids are loved and well looked after.

Every time you feel bad, think of some poor soul in a job she hates who would do anything to be at home with her kids.

Career aspirations and extra qualifications are always a good idea. xx

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