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to want a bar of chocolate despite trying to lose weight...

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sarah293 Sat 17-Oct-09 18:49:59

Message withdrawn

lynniep Sat 17-Oct-09 18:52:41

depends on the size of the bar!!

Kbear Sat 17-Oct-09 18:54:09

have a saturday night treat then back to the plan - if you deny yourself everything you will give up the plan!

screamingskull Sat 17-Oct-09 18:54:31

go for it if you have been good all week you deserve it.

try having a milky way, curley worley, fudge. something like that wont harm your diet compared to a family size bar of choc wink

sarah293 Sat 17-Oct-09 18:55:15

Message withdrawn

memorylapse Sat 17-Oct-09 18:55:23

treat yourselfsmile..but obviously not to a kingsize bar!

LordVetinarisApprentice Sat 17-Oct-09 19:04:05

A crunchie isn't too bad for you at all! They were my treat when I was doing weight watchers.

FluffyPumpkins Sat 17-Oct-09 19:20:33

Go for it. It's the weekend wink

girlsyearapart Sat 17-Oct-09 19:23:06

Put it in the fridge first then eat- lasts longer.

pjmama Sat 17-Oct-09 19:25:18

I think a weekly cheat is compulsory when dieting, as long as you don't overdo it. You'd go stark raving bonkers with the deprivation otherwise! grin

Pyrocanthus Sat 17-Oct-09 19:41:24

Eat it Riven - don't let it become a craving.

Enjoy it.

DevilsEnticeMadness Sat 17-Oct-09 19:51:19

If you have the odd treat occasion it will stop your body getting used to the diet and keep the weight shifting. one chocolate bar will work in a week, anything else/extra / more frequent could be a problem.
Eat the chocolate and enjoy! grin

sarah293 Sun 18-Oct-09 08:22:18

Message withdrawn

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Sun 18-Oct-09 08:36:27

You could eat chocolate every day and still lose weight. It's a simple sum - calories in must be fewer than calories burnt.

Glad you enjoyed it smile

I use [ this site]] to lose weight. It's fabulous and shows you that you can eat more or less what you want and still lose weight grin which I love.

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Sun 18-Oct-09 08:40:40

oops here

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