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/ridiculous to take a 20 month old to a pantomime?

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TotallyAndUtterlyPaninied Sat 17-Oct-09 16:58:04

I'd love to take DS to see Aladdin at Christmas. I always went as a child and loved it. It's 2 hours away in the car so a biggish deal if we do take him.

Would love to go but wondering if it's just crazyness to take a 20 month old to a pantomime? He's not one of these to throw tantrums or anything but if it's long I guess he could get bored?

Has anyone else done it?

RenderedSpeechless Sat 17-Oct-09 17:06:46

Hi, i took my then 16 month old to panto earlier this year. he absolutely loved it, didnt understand it though of course. mind you, we went with other children as well. ds slept in car there and back, also for about 30 mins during the performance. i was prepared that we may have to leave early and miss out if he'd been grisly or disruptive though.

blowninonabreeze Sat 17-Oct-09 17:08:28

I think it depends upon who you're going for. If you're going because you think he'll like it and get something out of it, then I wouldn't bother. Because I think most of it will go over his head. If you fancy going/making a day of it etc etc then def do it.

When DD1 was about that age we went to the CBeebies show instead of the pantomine and in spite of the fact that she hadn't watched cbeebies so knew none of the characters, she loved it.

This year we'll be going to the pantomine jack and the beanstalk with DD1 (now 3.6) and DD2 who'll be 20 months, because we want a family day out for DHs birthday - not sure DD2 will take much of it in.

If you decide to go its worth phoning the theatre as you may not have to pay for him, DD2 has a baby ticket (up to 2 years) which cost a pound if she sits on my lap. There was no mention of it when I tried to book online, I only called when I wanted to check that they'd allow a 20 month old in

LisaD1 Sat 17-Oct-09 18:03:20

I took my DD2 last year, just after her 1st birthday and she loved it! We go every year, whole family (about 20 of us) and she thoroughly enjoyed the evening..

Have fun :-)

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