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to phone this boys parents

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biggirlsdontcry Sat 17-Oct-09 12:07:31

ds's friend (11yrs) has just called in for ds , he had a pellet gun with him & pointed it at me when i answered the door hmm i warned him not to shoot it as those guns are dangerous , when i turned to call ds the boy shot the gun at my arm , it didn't hurt much but i got annoyed at his cheek & told him " how dare he etc & i would ring his mum , he then pointed it up close into my face shock , i shut the hall door on him & he hung around outside for a few minutes aiming it at the windows of my house angry & calling ds names wtf .
should i phone his mum or just let it go .

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Sat 17-Oct-09 12:08:52

Phone his mum now before someone calls the police on him, in fact i'd be tempted into that myself.

pjmama Sat 17-Oct-09 12:09:17

Phone her, phone her NOW!

toolly Sat 17-Oct-09 12:10:15

Er no. Someone shot our window with an airgun. We had to have the whole window replaced. They are a menace and he is threatening you. Phone his mum, if she doesn't come and get him, ring the police.

biggirlsdontcry Sat 17-Oct-09 12:13:43

he has walked off now , he is from a family of travellers that have moved into my area a few months ago & although his mum seems very nice (have spoken to her twice) i am not sure if phoning her to complain is a good idea tbh .

pjmama Sat 17-Oct-09 12:14:32

Then just call the police before he blinds another child.

shinyshoes Sat 17-Oct-09 12:16:53

Phone her first. If you get no joy then phone the police

biggirlsdontcry Sat 17-Oct-09 12:26:25

ffs - ds has deleted this boys contact number from his phone ages ago , so i cant phone her now , but do you think i should go to her house to speak to her ? i am crap at confrontation though .

lou33 Sat 17-Oct-09 12:27:46

my friends 11 yr old son was shot by a boy with a bb gun a few weeks ago,on his way home from school

marks on his arms and neck, she didnt bother taking to anyone, just called the police

they took the gun and charged the boy

they took it very seriously

Eve4Walle Sat 17-Oct-09 12:29:28

Don't call the parents or go round there - they may not take kindly to you complaining about it.

I'd just call the police now if I were you.

spookyrookie Sat 17-Oct-09 12:29:33

Phone her. My SILs 13 year old son was killed by an air gun, I can't believe these things are legal.

Boys2mam Sat 17-Oct-09 12:30:12

It doesn't need to be a confrontation, just let her know he has the gun, she may not even be aware.

He shot it at you, if she doesn't seem like she's going to deal with it I'd be calling the police too.

biggirlsdontcry Sat 17-Oct-09 12:35:12

cant phone her now as ds has deleted her ph number , would have to go to their house ,

spookyrookie that's so sad

the gun this child has looks like a small plastic water gun but it shoots small pellets , it didn't hurt but i would worry about him aiming it at another childs face tbh ,

shinyshoes Sat 17-Oct-09 12:39:29

If she's quite approachable i'd go round to her house first.

Failing that i'd phone the police

spookyrookie Sat 17-Oct-09 12:41:44

Biggirls, I know it happened before I met DH and I don't want to give to much info away as whilst I don't mind being outted I'd hate it to lead to any repercussions for them.

The worst thing is the bloody futility of it, the boy that did it claimed it was a game and it has led to repercussions for the whole family as it is so hard to get over something like that.

I know its a pain for you but I really do think its worth speaking to the parents, they probably have no idea that he is aiming it at people or maybe they don't even know he has it. Maybe one of your sons friends has the number, or if he goes to his school, could you ask the teacher for it.

CyradisTheSeer Sat 17-Oct-09 12:42:38

Message withdrawn

DuelingFANGo Sat 17-Oct-09 12:44:42

I think criminalisong him would be really bad. Talk to his mum about it, don't call teh police sad He's not done anything hugely damaging and maybe by talking to his mum like resonable adults would mean no police getting involved.

DuelingFANGo Sat 17-Oct-09 12:45:05


Lulumama Sat 17-Oct-09 12:47:29

i think waving a gun and shooting at people is criminialising behaviour

i think talk to his parents and also get the police involved, it is really seriously bad behaviour and calling teh police now might well stop him taking this behaviour further, if it is not taken really seriously now, he might not stop

biggirlsdontcry Sat 17-Oct-09 13:21:13

the boy has just knocked back , i have had a long chat to him about how dangerous this toy is & he he told me his mum knows he has this gun & he only got it yesterday , he has apologised for hitting me & i have told him that i have always thought of him as being a " good boy" & could i please mind this gun for him until i go talk to his mum later & i will give it back to his mum then ,so i have this gun now , he said his mum will ground him & he is always in trouble , i told him his poor mum has enough of him getting into trouble ,
tbh i am shocked that parents buy these stupid toys for their kids , its asking for trouble . his younger brother (9) was with him & i told him to tell his mum that i will be calling around later just to have a quick word with her , ill wait until dh gets home from work to mind the dc's then pop round .

nighbynight Sat 17-Oct-09 13:24:43

I would have had the gun from him for that behaviour, and taken it round to his parents with a "look, I am sure you will be glad to know..." kind of message.

traceybath Sat 17-Oct-09 13:25:26

He's lucky you're so reasonable - I'd have been tempted to go straight to the police.

Lets hope the mother is ok and takes on board how dangerous his behaviour was.

nighbynight Sat 17-Oct-09 13:25:52

x post
your good citizen deed for the daysmile

justaboutautumn Sat 17-Oct-09 13:30:09

Message withdrawn

biggirlsdontcry Sat 17-Oct-09 13:31:30

spookyrookie - sad your poor sil , cant imagine you could ever get over something like that .

as this boy was walking away i saw him pull a pen knife out of his pocket shock as if the pellet gun wasn't bad enough . i asked him if his mum knows he has the pen knife & he said "yep , but there's only a 1 inch blade in it " shock


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