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to wonder whether that REALLY IS gordon brown.......

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MummyWithAQuestionForMNers Fri 16-Oct-09 13:28:25

or just MNHQ having a laugh! grin

InaneHouseholdObject Fri 16-Oct-09 13:30:33

It'll be GB's 'people'.

MummyWithAQuestionForMNers Fri 16-Oct-09 13:33:03

ah,yes, that's more like it IHO.....i thought some of "his" responses were too witty for him LOL

who knows, perhaps he has a really great sense of humour that he doesn't get to show very often??

MummyWithAQuestionForMNers Fri 16-Oct-09 13:33:48

....and someone should have warned him MN is very addictive, he'll be on here with all his problems next!

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