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Update on the letting agents' snotty letter.......

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ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Thu 15-Oct-09 18:16:09

So after a conversation yesterday with the manager guy, where I asked politely for an itemised list of damage caused and expressed that I wasn't happy with the letter as it was unspecific and intrusive.

Today he called back after seeing the letter and firstly, could not give me a list, or any specific examples. Secondly, he couldn't see anything wrong with the letter!

He said that this was actually an average report and did not mean that there was anything wrong with the house hmm and did not understand why it felt intrusive and critical. He said that the inspector has to provide a report and unless it's immaculate this is apparently what they send as routine! He didn't acknowledge that although the letter said 'it is not our place to dictate how you live your life' that was, in fact, what they were doing by commenting on my housekeeping unnecessarily.

Anyway, the manager is going to carry out the inspection next week personally and I'll expect to have a written report stating that the flat is in good order. He also said that they don't pass on these reports to the landlord and that we are considered to be good tenants!

Maybe they will rethink their policy on inspection reports - but I doubt it!

tvaerialmagpiebin Thu 15-Oct-09 18:21:19

When I was a landlord my agent DID give me the reports. That was how I learnt that the tenants had painted the kitchen brown, removed the carpets and not mowed the lawns for about a year. shock

I am never sure that "oh it is a standard letter" is a good excuse for being rude. Why not chnge the standard letter if someone gives feedback on it?

My definition of a good tenant would be someone who paid on time, did not make any alterations to the house without my permission, kept it reasonably clean and did not irritate the neighbours. I have since moved back into the house I used to rent out and have had to spend a bit of time building bridges with the neighbours who were understandably pissed off with the ex-tenants.

Clovissa Thu 15-Oct-09 19:28:15

I was a tenant for many years and now I rent out my flat to three young women. If I heard the agent was intruding on their right to peaceful enjoyment in this way I would be livid.

If I was you I'd write a letter to your landlord, care of the letting agent (but requesting a response). I would state that you are fulfilling your side of the bargain in all reasonable ways but that you don't appreciate unconfirmed visits to discuss your housekeeping particularly as you are pregnant etc. etc. and that you would describe the attitude of the agent as intransigent (so a 'standard' letter can be as rude as it likes?!?!) and affirm your right to peacefully enjoy living in his property in exchange for the rent paid.

I would end up with, if this isn't possible, please let me know, so we can make other arrangements at this important time in your family's life etc etc.

But then I hate letting agents with a vengeance.

bibbitybobbityCAT Thu 15-Oct-09 19:35:14

Kat - I'm 95% certain it was a standard letter, as I said on your other thread.

If they are being paid by the landlord to do these 3 monthly inspections, then they have to say something to the tenants. They probably have 3 categories of feedback to tenants (I'm guessing here), like an a,b,c system and you got a b.

Why don't you post here EXACTLY what it was in the letter that you felt to be critical and intrusive, then we could re-word it to a more acceptable standard, and you could suggest that new wording for their inspection letters from now on smile.

ABetaDad Thu 15-Oct-09 23:22:37

kat2907 - if after the inspection you get no letter. Then you need to send one confirming that has been said to you and that all is in order.

The agent letter is all that is on record. You need to get a proper record of his comments in writing as he expressed them to you and as written in your post here. In particular that he "could not give me a list, or any specific examples".

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Thu 15-Oct-09 23:59:09

Following our recent inspection of the above property, we are concerned that proper care and attention is not being paid to general cleanliness. We would draw your attention to the tenancy blah blah clause blah.
Whilst we obviously do not wish to dictate the manner in which people live, it is our duty to manage the property blah balh. We do know from experience that where a property has suffered from a general lack of cleaning it can be very difficult to bring it back to a good and clean condition blah blah dilapidation. We hope tha t by bringing it to your attention now, it gives you the opportunity to rectify the matter.
We will be carrying out another inspection on xxx to check that the situation is improved.
For your information, we regularly use xxx for all our cleaning purposes and their prices are very reasonable.

It's bullshit isn't it! The manager actually suggeste we 'draw a line under it' and start again, so yes, I will be asking for written confirmation that there is nothing wrong with the flat, although they will not retract the original letter.

AvrilH Fri 16-Oct-09 20:34:33

Is this a small incompetent local agency?

Really crap of them. I would take photos of the house next time it is pristine and send to the landlord, stating that agency is intruding on your enjoyment of your home and cannot even give specifics on how you should improve.

You are right to be annoyed.

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Fri 16-Oct-09 23:16:59

No it's a big well established agency! I will be asking for verbal feedback on the inspection day and a report that reflects the actual condition of the flat, and also will be asking that all appointments to visit are confirmed by them in writing to avoid another occasion where they forget to confirm the visit and turn up anyway.

Snorbs Fri 16-Oct-09 23:30:35

I bet you a tenner there's some cosy deal going on between the estate agency and their preferred cleaners.

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