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and having PFB moment or..

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pantshavenames Thu 15-Oct-09 17:47:10

Should DS's teacher have made an effort to tell me why one of his thumbs has got blood all over it?
He'd been hit (accidentally) by a big pipe(??) at playtime. Normally I'd think pick up time can be hectic etc etc but today was the day we all have to go in 15 min early and read stories to out children so the teacher had plenty of time to tell me. DS said they put ice on it at the time but then hadn't cleaned it up after.

I'm coming from a nursery environment where something like that would require accident forms and the staff would always tell you... but he is my first child and I'm new to the school malarkey so am I being too precious?

carocaro Thu 15-Oct-09 17:52:51

She should have said, esp. if they had attended to it with ice so they knew about, maybe your DS said it was OK after the ice and they thought he was fine?! Was/is he fine?

I'd ask, just casually what happened after school tomorrow, the pipe thing seems odd, not your everyday playground equipment!

Not sure about accident books, my DS has never been in one to my knowledge, although today he was covered in so much mud from playtime and football they should give out free washing powder sachets at the end of each day!

Tommy Thu 15-Oct-09 17:57:49

mine usually have a little note in their book bag if they have been treated at school - is there on in your DS's and you haven't found it yet?

Goblinchild Thu 15-Oct-09 17:58:03

We have a big construction thingummyjig box of red pipes and black connectors that the infants get to play with in the playground, and my class envy.
She should have mentioned it, but at the end of a crowded day, it must have slipped her mind.Especially with parents coming in.
I'm surprised that they hadn't cleaned him up though, I'm assuming it was afternoon play?
You could ask her what happened tomorrow, see if she apologises.

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