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to have spent nearly 30min researching comparative breakfast nutrition?

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MrsBadger Thu 15-Oct-09 10:19:56

and regardless whether I am or not, would you like to hear the hard-hitting numerical truth?


morningpaper Thu 15-Oct-09 10:20:22

yes yes

is pizza the best?

TigerFeet Thu 15-Oct-09 10:21:38

pizza for breakfast?

<pricks up ears>

FlamingoBingo Thu 15-Oct-09 10:22:59

Yes, yes. Please tell!

sarah293 Thu 15-Oct-09 10:25:03

Message withdrawn

overmydeadbody Thu 15-Oct-09 10:25:40

It's the pizza isn't it?

islandofsodor Thu 15-Oct-09 10:27:08

I think it would be fascinating.

I now try and eat high protein as it fills me up for the day.

Besides I LOVE egg on toast.

Shame the sausage and chips at lunchtime is not so good!

MrsBadger Thu 15-Oct-09 10:32:10

Tesco Italian Margherita pizza, 2 slices (ie 1/3 of a whole one)
395 calories
20g protein
51.1g carbs, of which 45.1g complex carbs
12.3g fat
2.1g fibre
1.1g salt

1 medium free range scrambled egg on 2 slices buttered white toast
345 calories
13.3g protein
34.6g carbs of which 31.6g complex carbs
15.6g fat
2.2g fibre
1.2g salt

bacon sandwich (2 slices buttered white bread, 2 rashers smoked back)
375 calories
14g protein
34.6 carbs of which 31.6g complex carbs
18.9g fat
2.25g fibre
2.5g salt

nutella on toast (2 slices white no butter)
350 calories
7.6g protein
50g carb of which 32g complex carbs
11.8g fat
3g fibre
0.8g salt

cocopops with semiskimmed
275 calories
13.1g protein
41g carb of which 14.3g complex carbs
6.5g fat
0.7g fibre
0.6g salt

porridge and banana (made with milk)
280 calories
12.7g protein
39.8g carbs, of which 29.4g complex carbs
7.7g fat
4.3g fibre
0.2g salt

so now you know grin

MrsBadger Thu 15-Oct-09 10:34:40

oh sorry, the porridge is with milk but without banana

morningpaper Thu 15-Oct-09 10:35:24


morningpaper Thu 15-Oct-09 10:36:10

Porridge WOULD win, but loses points for Joylessness

Trikken Thu 15-Oct-09 10:36:47

pizza isnt actually too bad then

sarah293 Thu 15-Oct-09 10:39:30

Message withdrawn

Trikken Thu 15-Oct-09 10:41:54

i suppose it depends how thick you spread the nutella tho...

diddl Thu 15-Oct-09 10:42:37

The pizza´s not so good on the caleries and fat, though.

FlamingoBingo Thu 15-Oct-09 10:45:24

Pizza has less fat than the egg on toast! shock

And calories are good for children.

pooexplosions Thu 15-Oct-09 10:54:34

calories and fat are both good for children. And make things taste nice! grin

islandofsodor Thu 15-Oct-09 11:00:16

Can I confess that I usually have no idea what the dc have for breakfast unless they spill it everywhere or use every single drop of milk.

I think a muller corner yoghurt was involved today as I found two empty pots on top of the bin.

Dd (8) gets up and sorts herself and ds out. The only thing she can't do is anything involving the hob but she uses the toaster and micriwave. She has been doing this for about a year now whilst I have an extra 15 mnis in bed.

overmydeadbody Thu 15-Oct-09 11:16:00

Is 350 calories an enormous breakfast riven? I thought breakfast should be one of your main meals of the day, so even 500 calories wouldn't be too much would it?

MrsBadger Thu 15-Oct-09 11:16:26

oh yes the nutella was a 'generous' portion ie 15g per piece of toast:

scanty nutella on brown (2 slices Tesco wholemeal medium sliced with 15g Tesco organic chocolate hazelnut spread)
245 calories
8.8g protein
36g carb of which 32.9g complex carbs
9.1g fat
5.2g fibre
0.8g salt

sarah293 Thu 15-Oct-09 12:30:22

Message withdrawn

Vivia Fri 23-Oct-09 18:44:46

Nice one, MrsBadger!

pointyhat Fri 23-Oct-09 18:53:09

my mum sees school kids queuing up at gregg's at 8 in the morning near her work to buy a meal deal for brakfast. What's the nutritional value of that one, badge?

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