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To be angry that my HIP grant has been denied?

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JoInScotland Wed 14-Oct-09 12:31:22

I had a look at the bit the MW filled out before I posted it, and though the baby is due 12th January 2010, she had put 19th January 2010. I wasn't terribly worried about that, but today I received a letter saying that my claim has been denied "because the estimated due date entered has already passed". Upon phoning the HIP grant people, it turns out that they are claiming the midwife put in 17.12.72 which is my own birthday. I find this very strange because that is not what it had on the form. I think someone's put it in the computer incorrectly. Now I have to go and pick another form and send it off, to wait who knows how long for the grant to be paid. I'm 7 months pregnant. Will I still be pregnant by the time I receive this grant?!?

Hando Wed 14-Oct-09 12:32:49

What is a HIP grant?

nellynaemates Wed 14-Oct-09 12:33:40

They are insane!! Surely that is a glaringly obvious error that they could correct themselves.

Talk about incompetence. Good luck with the next one (and the pregnancy!!).

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Wed 14-Oct-09 12:34:50

it takes bout 10-14 days to get it once they receive it. They wont tell you apparantly, it will just turn up. don't panic, i have not even posted mine yet blush and i am 35 weeks!

Firawla Wed 14-Oct-09 12:40:57

yanbu, it seems they should have just fixed it themselves but dont worry im sure you will get it eventually. ive not even got the form for mine yet @ 32 weeks. a friend of mine filled it out @ 38 weeks they still give it to you if its late?

zipzap Wed 14-Oct-09 13:34:03

Do they also think that you were born on 12-01-10? grin

memoo Wed 14-Oct-09 13:41:51

I had a nightmare trying to claim mine.

They turned me down at first saying the midwife had signed the form too early, even though I was 30 weeks when she did it. They kept saying she had dated it in december last year and despite the fact that I pointed out I wouldn't have even been pregnant then let alone have visited a midwife they wouldn't budge.

I had to re-apply and finally received it last week, even though DD is now 4 weeks old!

leftangle Wed 14-Oct-09 22:07:44

DD was 2 months old when mine turned up. YANBU though, sounds like they can't be bothered to check before throwing it back to you.

Monsterspam Wed 14-Oct-09 22:13:46

Hando - Health in pregnancy grant

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