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To kill DH slowly with the use of a blunt spoon?

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CyradisTheSeer Wed 14-Oct-09 09:44:55

Message withdrawn

TAFKAtheUrbanDryad Wed 14-Oct-09 09:45:45


BratleyEatsBrainsForBreakfast Wed 14-Oct-09 09:46:52

Not unreasonable at all, beat him with the spoon.

picmaestress Wed 14-Oct-09 09:47:36

How incredibly annoying. I wish I had some nutella.


crazylizzy Wed 14-Oct-09 09:47:47

Definitely grounds for divorce if you ask me wink

RealityBites Wed 14-Oct-09 09:49:05

Message withdrawn

starwhoreswonaprize Wed 14-Oct-09 09:49:07


This is up there with leaving the butter out of the fridge too long, or putting in the microwave to melt itshock which is what my DH does.

GibbonWithAnAppleBobbingBibOn Wed 14-Oct-09 09:51:19

YABU for wanting Nutella <vom>

But DH once put my Marmite in the fridge, so I do feel your pain.

CheeryCherry Wed 14-Oct-09 09:54:35

YANBU,but more importantly float the jar in bowl of hot water, it should melt a little. Taste a few spoons worth straight from the jar....and breathe.

If that fails to help these disasterous cicumstances, GO STRAIGHT TO NEAREST NUTELLA SHOP AND BUY SEVERAL JARS.Put them in different places around you house. You must not allow this to happen again.


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