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To feel that DH is a lazy bum?

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maize Tue 13-Oct-09 08:22:27

I am tired and grumpy so I may well be.

I worked last night (so left the house at 7.30pm, got back in at 7.30am) and when I left DH promised me he would clean the bathroom and hoover the living room. He has been promising he will hoover since Friday but I am trying not to nag.

He obviously didn't but he did clean out the fridge hmm which took ages because he had to throw out a cucumber and some tomatoes. Then he watched a film.

He says I am being unreasonable because he will get round to it but I am fed up of him saying he will help round the house and not fucking doing it when he says he will. He will take up to a MONTH to get round to things by which time I have done it 2/3 times and then he gets grumpy when I do it myself.

We both work full time and have no kids so it should be even IMO.

LaurieFairyCake Tue 13-Oct-09 08:35:28

why should it be even if you like it cleaner than he does?

Work out an acceptable level of cleanliness between you which is agreed, then divide up the jobs.

maize Tue 13-Oct-09 08:42:17

I am compromising tbh, I expect that between us we hoover once a week, dust once a week, do the bathroom once a week and do the kitchen/bathroom floors once a week. I would like to do it more but I restrain myself.

He will say he will hoover and happily leave it a month (but I often give in before then and do it).

GingaNinja Thu 15-Oct-09 14:09:31

YANBU. Similar issues here plus 4.5 month old child and I'm sick and tired of being the fool doormat who's taken for granted. Pre mat leave I'd just walk out to work and leave shit; on mat leave so if I don't clean stuff then it's staring me in the face all day. Plus, if I don't do it we are strangely completely without visits from the Bottle Cleaning Fairy, the Laundry Fairy, the Cooking Fairy, the Washing Up Fairy, and the Bathroom Cleaning Fairy (so DD doesn't catch cholera, typhoid etc after her daddy fails yet again to complete promised clean. Particularly as he pisses everywhere except the bloody bowl in the middle of the night...and denies it). And there are also now childcare issues (ie his lack of participation). He's supposed to be working away from home for 2 months, starting soon; depending on how it works out (for eg, do I notice his absence other than less cleaning to do) I'm seriously considering telling him to fuck away out of it permanently. sad Or are all men unhygienic trolls?

BrokkenHarted Thu 15-Oct-09 14:17:22

oh no... i think i may be your DH.

So this is how my hubby feels... YANBU

<<walks off to grab hoover>>

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