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to think that Bruce Forsyth is increasingly ressembling Lord Basil of Brush?

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NyeEve Mon 12-Oct-09 11:48:51

I saw him on that show about dance last night.

Ladyatron Mon 12-Oct-09 11:49:37

god yes.

NyeEve Mon 12-Oct-09 11:51:16


NyeEve Mon 12-Oct-09 11:53:15

so i am NBU then

thanking you
god htat is the quickets one ever

I keep expecting Brece tohave a yellow furry "brush" (ding dong) pop up

Ladyatron Mon 12-Oct-09 11:53:26

i love how has beens just have to keep battling on and one day they tip over into national treasure. a lá bruce, bob monkhouse etc.

Ladyatron Mon 12-Oct-09 11:54:22

wtf is that basil brush programme about? dd occassionaly watches it avidly but when i ask her what is happening she just looks at me blankly.

diddl Mon 12-Oct-09 11:54:33

Oh, that is so funny!

The picture of Brucie laughing, you can just imagine his laugh sounding like BBs!

NyeEve Mon 12-Oct-09 11:55:03

I used to love it in the 70s
made me fall over laughing
My grnany made me a larg ish brush puppet I sitll have in the loft.
he had a glittery wasitcaot made out of my mums old evenign dress

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