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To GIVE UP on epilating?

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InMyLittleHead Sun 11-Oct-09 23:19:35

It stings like buggery and, what's more, takes so long and is fiddly esp. knees. Bah.

Doodlez Sun 11-Oct-09 23:24:03

But less messy than waxing and better results than shaving/cream.

New epilator maybe?

witcheseve Sun 11-Oct-09 23:29:33

YABVU, I love mine its keeps me fuzz free, doesn't hurt and actually minimises regrowth, what's not to love. I've even done a brazilian with it, OK once you get used to the pain.

It's also cheap and not messy. Put a towel underneath you then gather it up and shake in the bath afterwards, then rinse it all out with the showerhead. grin

DuelingFANGo Sun 11-Oct-09 23:30:15

What's epilating?

OldLadyKnowsNothing Sun 11-Oct-09 23:31:43

Epilating = pulling leg (etc) hairs out by the roots.

InMyLittleHead Sun 11-Oct-09 23:33:12

with a little machine thingy.

witcheseve Sun 11-Oct-09 23:33:33

Braun epliator etc, not sure what mine is cost about £50 and it's the best £50 I've ever spent.

witcheseve Sun 11-Oct-09 23:33:34

Braun epliator etc, not sure what mine is cost about £50 and it's the best £50 I've ever spent.

witcheseve Sun 11-Oct-09 23:34:19

Oops and its Epilator.

BibiBOO Sun 11-Oct-09 23:34:41

OUCH!!! How can that not hurt?! shock

(although am vaguely tempted by something less messy than shaving and not as scary as waxing...)

DuelingFANGo Sun 11-Oct-09 23:41:13

oH OUCH. You learn something new every day!

MilkNoPoisonPlease Sun 11-Oct-09 23:43:44

When i first did it i drew blood!...never again!!..although shaving is a buggery! thats why i like winter, long trousers tc!!

MilkNoPoisonPlease Sun 11-Oct-09 23:44:56


my eyes are watering!

witcheseve Sun 11-Oct-09 23:45:50

It doesn't hurt much, you can always take a paracetomol first. You get desensitised to it the more you do it. Try it ladies, it's been my lifesaver. Also the regrowth is soft, not prickly.

muggglewump Sun 11-Oct-09 23:49:13

Oh I love my epilator.
I've been using it for about 5 years now and the regrowth is much less and really fine.
I do my whole bikini area too, as in all off.

I love it, and find it far better than shaving (stubbly), creams (stinks and burns), and waxing (costs a fortune)

witcheseve Sun 11-Oct-09 23:50:21

Waxing draws blood, so does shaving sometimes.

I once did my underarms that 'recked'. My Dsis who is a nurse told me to never do it again and said that waxing and epilating of underarm hair can interfere with the delicate glands which had been associated with breast cancer.

No scientific evidence just a hunch, however I just shave my armpits now.

muggglewump Sun 11-Oct-09 23:50:46

The trick to it not hurting, is 2 paracetamol and a glass of winegrin

witcheseve Sun 11-Oct-09 23:51:31

muggle, hey you have found the secret too. grin

Olifin Sun 11-Oct-09 23:52:50

Noooo BibiBOO it's FAR more scary than waxing! I only tried it once and thought it a lot more painful. I do my own leg and bikini waking and the only bit that hurts is the ankles!

InMyLittleHead Sun 11-Oct-09 23:56:08

It's the inch-by-inch torture of the thing that gets me - may try to self-wax then use epilator for keeping it up.

MilkNoPoisonPlease Sun 11-Oct-09 23:56:15

Ooh i dont wax either! shaving is the best i can do!

witcheseve Sun 11-Oct-09 23:57:31

My legs are vitually hair free since I've been eplilating.

thelunar66 Mon 12-Oct-09 00:03:31

Underarms with epilator are easy. Although mine does seem to miss odd hairs when I check in magnifying mirror


witcheseve Mon 12-Oct-09 00:06:48

thelunar66 be careful see my post below, must admit it felt was great after I did it once.

muggglewump Mon 12-Oct-09 00:13:20

Yep witcheseve, but then isn't that the cure all for everything?grin

Teally, I don;t know why more women don't epolate.

I'm going to buy a new one soon, as mine is old and a bit blunt, but I've gad a good 5 years out of it, and it only cost me £5ish in the first place, from a CS, sealed and with the receipt!

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