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To delete South Park from ds's phone..

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Squiglet Sun 11-Oct-09 22:56:24

He's 9 and his dad (ex-dp) gave him a mobile phone. He's bluetoothed him some sounds and he wanted to show me the farty xmas songs and some other silly ones. I saw southpark (and having seen it know the kind of language). It was from the film the scence with Cartman and the teacher so lots of fuckity fuck fuck fucks and suck my balls. It was actually funny but totally unsuitable for ds to have on his phone. He said he wouldnt let any of his friends hear it but I and dp both felt that it really was unsuitable for him have.

I also text ex to let him know i wasnt impressed and have deleted it. He was sorry and said he let ds hear it by accident hmm (ds told me wasnt an accident and totally inclined to believe him). Cant help feeling ex is being a bit of an arse as he sees ds as 'his little mate'. Bought him war of the worlds for his last birthday ffs. Been having a few issues with ex over xmas contact which all seem to be resovled (another older thread) and cant help feeling a bit of 'point scoring' with ds going on. Ds has come back literally talking differently, deliberatly mispronouncing his words etc and being a smart arse with real attitude (this was all pre hearing the southpark and deleting it). He actually seemed to understand my pov bless him and went to bed happy, but hate the fact that his dad builds him up like this and late nights and treating him like a little adult when he is a kid. Buit when ds had a pov of where he wanted to spend xmas and it wasnt with his dad his dad was very angry and said he couldnt have a pov at such a young age. Grr silly twit.

Squiglet Sun 11-Oct-09 22:57:10

I've also said if his dad puts anything else unsuitable on his phone the phone stays with his dad for use only when with him.

Monsterspam Sun 11-Oct-09 23:04:35

YANBU - ex seems an arse.

Squiglet Mon 12-Oct-09 21:54:18

Thank you, yes an arse he is grin

Monsterspam Mon 12-Oct-09 22:31:16


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