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AIBU to think that blue glittery playdough is very good at stemming blood flow from my little pony and playdough knife inflicted wounds?

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FullyCertifiedTroll Sun 11-Oct-09 18:39:06

Well, am I?????

Seriously. I ended up spending the afternoon in A&E - see this thread.

The doctors laughed! Yes, I they laughed! They laughed at my blue glittery playdough wound dressing on my abdomen and on my leg stump. They laughed at the my little pony shaped hole I was sporting. And then they dared to laugh at my beautiful hand-made artificial leg, crafted lovingly for me by my daughters out of lego...well, duplo actually as the DDs aren't old enough for proper lego yet.

I am astounded but don't know where to go from here really. Surely they ought to be more professional than that. I feel humiliated - nay, violated sad.

And to top it all, my good leg is so, so painful from the fuzzy felt burns.

Oh woe is me!

PeedOffWithNits Sun 11-Oct-09 18:40:57

sue the buggers!!

for...erm...... psychological damage??

Northernlurker Sun 11-Oct-09 19:43:22

Oh ffs! The doctors have got better things to do than run after you and your wobbly lego legs! They see people with playdough inflicted injuries every day and it puts a huge burden on resources! You were lucky to get treated at all you know - it is free after all. In America there are people who have to sell their houses after a run in with play equipment. It wrecks lives - just think before you act next time!

Tombliboobs Sun 11-Oct-09 19:52:12

I am not surprised they laughed, duplo? You chose duplo. Of all the construction toys you could have picked?

I am disappointed.

However, you can clearly make your own blue glittery playdough so that gains you a little credibility. why did you not follow my mooncup advice either? shock

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