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to not want to invite everyone we know on certain occasions?

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Astrid28 Sun 11-Oct-09 18:31:23

Well, in an uncharacteristic fit of organisedness, I've made plans for my b'day in December. I've invited my immediate socialising circle; my friends, plus my sisters & their husbands.

When I was making the plans, DH said it was up to me if I invited BIL & his GF, they are our age, they invite me out for their b'day, so, I thought I probably should invite them, and did.

Then, while the boys were at golf today, skating was mentioned and now FIL & MIL, a friend of DH's and his wife are coming, which opens the door to other couples who, really, it never crossed my mind to invite.

I don't suppose it matters if they come or not, but I feel a bit less excited at the prospect of what we have planned now that the IL's are coming.

I suppose I just don't like feeling duty bound to socialise with people I don't usually choose to socialise with, just to keep everyone happy.

Am I just mean and unreasonable?

bigchris Sun 11-Oct-09 18:34:19


if every birthday ends up like this i would a) just go for dinner with dh
or b) just go out on your own with girlfriends

thats what i do at any rate

Astrid28 Sun 11-Oct-09 18:45:38

I know, I don't usually end up in this predicament but I invited just one extra couple in, against my better judgement and now it's snowballed.

Also BIL's GF always invites the IL's to her get togethers/meals etc. I feel that I should too, or face being the evil one.

Same witht he friends & their partners. Nice enough people. But not 'my kind of people' as Barrymore might say.

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