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To have blubbed like a baby throughout the entire performance of 'UP'?

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notnowbernard Sat 10-Oct-09 20:15:52


Go and see it, it's great smile

(And I want to know if there are any other wailers)

Clayhead Sat 10-Oct-09 20:17:54

I am going on Monday, was already worried about being upset due to what I read in today's paper.

Should I take issues?!

notnowbernard Sat 10-Oct-09 20:18:45

It will leave you with issues wink

Seriously, though, take tissues

It's lovely

Clayhead Sat 10-Oct-09 20:19:38



see, I am already affected grin

AitchTwoToTangOh Sat 10-Oct-09 20:22:47

you're not deborah moggach are you by any chance?

ElenorRigby Sat 10-Oct-09 20:23:19

Of course your not... I'm a blubber too

Shame on us!!

Lulumama Sat 10-Oct-09 20:24:01

my eyes were a tiny bit leaky at certain parts, i have to say !

mummyloveslucy Sat 10-Oct-09 20:27:25

It was a lovely film my 4 year old daughter said "look it's grandad." Bless her.
I did feel a lump in my throught on several occasions I must say.
We will definatly be buying that one. smile

notnowbernard Sat 10-Oct-09 20:50:55

Deborah Moggach...?

DD1 also thought Carl looked like my Grandad smile

They all thought I was nuts though

tiredemma Sat 10-Oct-09 20:56:05

why is it so sad?

AitchTwoToTangOh Sat 10-Oct-09 21:08:41

she was saying how she blubbed her way through it on the radio tonight.

charmander Sat 10-Oct-09 21:12:53

it was my 3 year old's first time to a cinema today to see it.
i was a bit tearful in places.
ds3, when asked if he would go again said yes he would see the next one, called "down". smile

StopTalkingAndEatYourDinner Sat 10-Oct-09 21:14:05

just got back from taking DD to this, i was blubbing into her hair, she thought i was barking (she is 4) had one of those really painful lumps in my throat for ages as I was trying to hold it together. It was the bit with the photographs in the book that sent me over the edge blush

WartoScreamo Sat 10-Oct-09 21:17:10

My company have rented the cinema for the kid's Xmas do next month! I should take plenty of hankies then?

I will have to watch it in French though.
Will the blubness survive the translation?

bigchris Sat 10-Oct-09 21:17:25

oh yes dh was a bit weepy, lol

teamcullen Sat 10-Oct-09 21:21:28

definatly the 20th century Bambi. Lovely film. I had a few tears. Did everybody see it in 3D

notnowbernard Sat 10-Oct-09 22:07:06

Will definitely survive translation, the first bit I blubbed at was non-verbal (the montage of their lives together) <wells up at recall>

I am not Deborah though smile

Don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seenit yet, so won't list all the bits I wept through blush

yada Sat 10-Oct-09 22:31:10

the bit where she could not have a family had me sad

notnowbernard Sat 10-Oct-09 23:25:47

When he finally 'let go'...

That finished me off

mummyloveslucy Sun 11-Oct-09 19:26:50

The bit at the end with the badge made me well up. blush

paisleyleaf Sun 11-Oct-09 20:14:22

I'm really looking forward to seeing it. And I see some of you have taken 3 and 4 year olds. My DD's 5. It's okay for younger children then?

Hulababy Sun 11-Oct-09 20:29:00

Eeek. DD is 7y and gets really into any film she watches. Is she going to cope with this film? She asked to see it after the trailers, but not I am not sure.

islandofsodor Sun 11-Oct-09 20:48:18

Dd saw it today and she is normally very sensitive. She went for a friend's birthday and apparently found it a little scary/sad in places but was fine and loved the film.

She is just (last week) 8.

islandofsodor Sun 11-Oct-09 20:50:03

It was 3 D too which I would have been eek at if I had known.

islandofsodor Sun 11-Oct-09 20:50:39

It was 3 D too which I would have been eek at if I had known.

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