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People who say their child has 'gone up a year' because they are in a mixed class with the year above

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peanutbutterkid Fri 09-Oct-09 22:24:06

Does this wind anyone else up? Or
"She's being held back a year" when their child is a mixed class with the year below.

It drives me crazy. Not least because it's the same situation interpreted in completely opposite ways by the parents of the children in the year below or year above.

I mean, if you don't like mixed years then complain about mixed year classes, but boasting or moaning about your child having 'moved up' or being 'held back' makes no sense, does it? Because the child always rejoins their true year eventually, anyway; it's not like they really do skip a year or have to repeat a year. Or AIBU?

Goblinchild Fri 09-Oct-09 22:26:45

YANBU some parents are twerps who don't listen or read information and make things up to suit themselves. Ignore them.

wicked Fri 09-Oct-09 22:28:39

If they are in a mixed class, they should still be known by their actual year group - Year 3, or 4, or whatever.

My DD is in a mixed class and they know exactly who in in which year.

Clayhead Fri 09-Oct-09 22:28:42


Both of my dc are in mixed year group classes but then that was how I was taught so it's no big deal. I get so BORED with the talk of it.

silentcatastrophe Fri 09-Oct-09 22:28:58

DD is in a tiny school and it is impossible to know what year is what. If they are learning something, that's what's important!smile

nofarkingway Fri 09-Oct-09 22:30:16

When i was in year 5 at primary school they had let to many children join through out the year and me and another 2 girls who were the youngest were to be kept down a year and my mum was told i would then go onto year 6 whilst the others would go to secondary. my mum told them bollox and moved me to a different school.

boolifooli Fri 09-Oct-09 22:30:19

I do understand, some mums can be desperate to interpret everything in a way that means their child is 'outstanding'. irritating but such is the human condition.

Some of the mums at my school got a bit uppity about the mixed classes idea but from what I have read they work very well. Apparently some small village schools have four years in one class with no problems.

Clayhead Fri 09-Oct-09 22:30:38

Also, my dd's birthday is at the beginning of September so loads of the kids in the year 'above' her are far closer to her in age than those in her year!

I agree with silentcatasrophe but some parents see it as a badge of honour!

Blu Fri 09-Oct-09 22:32:19


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