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to be repulsed by Jamie Affro's hair (on the x factor)...

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Tiredmumofdjandbabies Fri 09-Oct-09 22:03:08

It gives me the heeeeeeeeebeeeeeees, its just tooooo big and unkempt looking (if thats how you spell it?)<shudder>

Its sheer hugeness stops it being cool when a wee trim would have done wonders for it I think!

How does he wash that mop? shock

Yuk pretty much sums his hair up for me.


Tiredmumofdjandbabies Fri 09-Oct-09 22:04:21

And I surely would not have liked to be his mother doing the nit combing grin

PurpleEgluggedblood Fri 09-Oct-09 22:11:45

YABU. I love it. I also am loving his sexy hairy chest in his low cut tops.

skybright Fri 09-Oct-09 22:13:01

I love it and i think he is pretty sexy,agree with the nits thing though,i have a friend who shaved all his dreads off when he got nits,just could not get rid of them.

skybright Fri 09-Oct-09 22:13:48

PurpleEgluggedblood ,ooohhhh yes,i clocked the chest as well.mmmmm

CybilLiberty Fri 09-Oct-09 22:13:56

I'm soo glad you ahve started this thread

this is what I want to do to his bloomin hair

GhoulsAreLoud Fri 09-Oct-09 22:14:02


AitchTwoToTangOh Fri 09-Oct-09 22:15:20

it's utterly revolting, imo. i am hoping he'll cut it at some dramatic point in the series. but then what will his name be?

Tiredmumofdjandbabies Fri 09-Oct-09 22:15:34

I though you would all say I was being unreasonable!!!!

Tiredmumofdjandbabies Fri 09-Oct-09 22:16:12

maybe theyll call him jamie go go grin

or Jamie Asbo if he doesnt behave?

lavenderkate Fri 09-Oct-09 22:16:37

Thing is though, I reckon if he cut it right back he would be rather more gorgeous.

Dont you think ?!

bellavita Fri 09-Oct-09 22:16:44

YABU grin

CybilLiberty Fri 09-Oct-09 22:16:47

It's a really baaaad afro. i think he's trying to rock this look

oh excuse me...I've just come over all peculiar

Tiredmumofdjandbabies Fri 09-Oct-09 22:17:17

I know! he could go for the famous

MUMSNET HAIRCUT what do ye think ladies he he

Tiredmumofdjandbabies Fri 09-Oct-09 22:18:25

yes he wants to look cool and he prob could BUT OH HOW NOT TO DO AN AFRO AND ON LIVE TV

I want to blow him and make it all fly away like those dandelion plants grin lol

Tiredmumofdjandbabies Fri 09-Oct-09 22:19:08

Um I just find THAT hair on HIM too weird like its the wrong hair?

Does anyone else think that

Tiredmumofdjandbabies Fri 09-Oct-09 22:20:22

you are having a laugh

his hairy chest is YUKKY


imagine his man garden shock ....

Bring in the sheers doctor

pigletmania Fri 09-Oct-09 22:21:09

he should cut it back a bit like Bon Jovi did to his big hair, then he would look really fit grin

GhoulsAreLoud Fri 09-Oct-09 22:21:16

You want to blow him shock

CybilLiberty Fri 09-Oct-09 22:21:37


at birth?

ABitBatty Fri 09-Oct-09 22:22:49

I reckon it will have been trimmed/styled on Saturday's show when the stylists get their hands on all the finalists.

Tiredmumofdjandbabies Fri 09-Oct-09 22:22:51


That made me laugh out loud

That was witty grinhe he

Tiredmumofdjandbabies Fri 09-Oct-09 22:23:27

Oh yes it HAS to get some style or some ribbons? wink

bellavita Fri 09-Oct-09 22:24:02


shockers Fri 09-Oct-09 22:27:02

I don't think it's even his.... have you noticed that it moves independently?
It needs a big trim and some 'product'as they say in the business. I love afros but this one is just too.... solid.

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