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to get so upset over an ugly shed which my DC has just had put up in the garden

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BadShed Thu 08-Oct-09 10:21:16

Sorry this is a boring one but leaving me suprisingly upset.

We've just recently moved to a new-build house, and spent all our money and a lot of effort on it. One of the best things about it is a big sitting room with french doors onto the garden.

My DC has just had a fairly big shed (10x6ft) put up in the garden- the workmen have only just left. The garden slopes so it has had to be put fairly near to the house where it's flatest- and near the french windows. Its really, really ugly. It looks like a workshop with a "pent" roof (not a pointy apex one), no windows, two big double doors and a dirty looking dark brown stain. You look out onto it from the sitting room.

I'm really upset about this as a) i think he could have got a better looking shed, esp for the money and b) i think we probably should have put it at the other side of the garden, next to the kitchen/diner where there is more space (but its not so flat).

I feel it spoils the house/garden. I'm also upset with DC for not thinking about it more/making more effort and annoyed with myself as know I should've got involved in this a bit more. Tbh knee jerk reaction is I really want to get rid of it but the thing is we do need something for storage and it cost about £600 to have it supplied and built! My husband thinks I'm overreacting -I know that there are people out there with real problems and others who would love to be able to spend £600 on a shed so tell me, AIBU to get upset over a shed?

Uriel Thu 08-Oct-09 10:27:45

Put some trellis up and grow an evergreen climber up it.

YANBU to be upset.

itsbeingsofearful Thu 08-Oct-09 10:28:45

Sorry BadShed what's DC in this context?

But no YANBU, something like this can feel really petty, but can also wear you down quite quickly.

Is there no way the shed can be prettified - repainted or grow plants up it just to take the edge off it?

BiteOfFun Thu 08-Oct-09 10:29:01

Who is DC, sorry?

Can you start growing some nice climbers over it, passionflower or something?

boodeniites Thu 08-Oct-09 10:29:24

the best thing to do is to plant Honeysuckle or Cleamtis Montana and honestly next summer it will be a riot of flowers and not such an eyesore and the Brown stain will have become a lot more weathered and look a whole lot nicer

serenity Thu 08-Oct-09 10:32:17

YANBU to be upset, but you are if you want to rip it all out and waste all that money.

Take a deep breath and look at how you can improve it. New sheds look fairly conspicuous anyway - they need to weather a bit. What can you do short term? A coloured wood stain might make it blend in more, and get rid of the stain. You could get planters, put trellising up the sides and grow something nice to disguise the lines - make it part of the garden.

Arsed Thu 08-Oct-09 10:38:47

oh no

Yanbu. We have frech doors in our living room and id cry my eye out if i had to look out on a shed every time i sat down.

Get it moved, it'll make you miserable.

skybluewinking Thu 08-Oct-09 10:50:37

YANBU, I would want to scream every time I looked out of the window. If it can't be moved, paint over the stain with cuprinol garden shades paint.
It DOES go over stain, as I painted over a bright rust red fence that I inherited. I used heritage shades wild thyme which is a soft greyish green, and seems to make things recede. Buy it online (paint direct? something like that!)
It is non smelly, and quick drying. Then grow passion flowers etc as suggested. I promise it won't look so bad!

Fennel Thu 08-Oct-09 10:53:26

YANBU, it's exactly the sort of thing my DP would do, put up a huge utilitarian object without regard to aesthetics, or without consulting me. And it does matter, if the garden and the view is one of the things you like best about the house.

We have this sort of argument rather regularly.

Make dc (Who?) move it to the far end of the garden.

jazzandh Thu 08-Oct-09 11:54:11

can you paint it a pretty cream / garden colour and grow some plants up a free standing type trellis in front of it?

What about getting a couple of windows put into it - to soften it and make it look more like a summer house.

GrendelsMum Thu 08-Oct-09 14:14:40

I agree that all the suggestions would make a shed look prettier, but if the problem is that there's a shed blocking your view and light, nothing very much is going to help.

Bite the bullet now, spend the extra money and move the shed. Then prettify it. So far you've spent £600 on an eyesore - so you need to spend another £200 or so to get it back to normal.

seeyounexttuesday Thu 08-Oct-09 14:16:35

who is DC??

BadShed Thu 08-Oct-09 18:15:57

Hi - been out since this morning and just got back. Thanks for replies and suggestions.

Sorry, for DC read DH!! Used to posting about DCs/DSs - must've been so upset this morning got my DH/DC abbreviations all mixed up.

Was hoping after being out all day and coming back it would look better but if anything looks worse sad.

Half expected a boot up the backside so really glad a lot of you think IANBU. I might even show this thread to DH. I think part of the reason I was so upset is his failure to acknowledge I have any reasonable grounds to be - it makes you wonder yourself. The "oh it must be near the time of the month" reaction just makes me even more upset and annoyed. Added to that is the feeling that you can't trust your other half to do anything - this is getting more frequent.

The shape is pretty awful but it certainly would look better if a different colour so thanks for the tip about cuprinol skybluewinking. Its a very knotty wood (pine?) and the dark brown stain has made all the knots look black. The trellising and plants would definitely help too - if I can put up with it till they grow.

Its been quite windy here, maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and it'll be gone, taken over the rainbow like Dorothy's house. It's certainly big enough and ugly enough to crush any witches (or anything else) that it happens to land upon.

Shoppingveggie Thu 08-Oct-09 18:50:21

Hi Badshed

Felt I had to reply to this - bear with me.....

My mum and dad have been very happily married for nearly 50 years they really do adore each other. Mum always tells me to "pick" my arguements and count to 10 when my DH does something to annoy me - anyway point I am making is - Mum is very easy going, never ever lets things annoy her - BUT once Dad put up a huge shed near the house and she went BALISTIC - Dad knew he had to have it moved!

So, if it annoyed my Mum I think you are not being unreasonable either!

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