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To think my downstairs neighbour should ANSWER THE F*CKING DOOR?

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stillfrazzled Tue 06-Oct-09 10:11:18

He's also our freeholder. We're in the process of moving, and he's been useless - forms not filled in, or just signed and handed back rather than filled in, etc.

We've been trying to get a copy of the buildings insurance policy for a week. He keeps saying yes, he'll dig it out, he'll copy it etc. DH tried yet again on Friday and got a receipt not the policy, which isn't good enough to be proof for legal purposes.

I've just rung the bell three times, then waited ten minutes and gone down again and knocked. No answer, but I CAN HEAR THEM! They're talking and walking around, so not in bed.

This is the last thing we need to do before exchanging and completing, and if we can move in three weeks' time my parents can help as they have a week off - but it's looking increasingly unlikely because of this lazy b*gger.

Aaaaaarrrrrggghhhh!!!!! angry

thedollshouse Tue 06-Oct-09 10:22:21

I don't always answer the door. It annoys people no end. The other day I had the postman banging on my door at 8.00 in the morning, I was up and not dressed and wasn't going to come downstair in my pyjamas but he persisted banging on the window and shouting through the letterbox. Eventually after about 10 minutes when I was dressed I opened the door, he had a go at me saying that he knew we were in because he could hear my hairdryer hmm and footsteps. Turns out he wanted me to sign for a parcel for a next door neighbour, I refused as the parcel was huge and he had annoyed me.

I don't open the door to Jehovah Witnesses or to cold callers. I find it a real intrusion as our front door opens right into our sitting/dining room and if we are eating dinner I want peace and quiet not to have to deal with unwanted callers.

In your case I would put a note through his door requesting that he contact you urgently. I can understand your frustration but remember it is their home and they are entitled to their privacy.

stillfrazzled Tue 06-Oct-09 10:39:07

Take your point about privacy, honestly I do - but if the useless f**ker had just done what he needed to weeks ago, I wouldn't be knocking now! I'm not enjoying it, you know?

edam Tue 06-Oct-09 10:43:09

He's being very rude - take dollshouse's point but you are not a JW or a cold caller, are you?

Firawla Tue 06-Oct-09 10:48:47

I'm the the dolls house with those kind of callers, wouldn't answer if not convenient (although bit more difficult now as front door literally goes into living room so very obvious if i dont answer, used to do all the time in old flat though), but i think your situation is different as he has a responsibilty to sort out your documents and is just being a lazy idiot. i agree with the suggestion put a note. if still no response can you get estate agents to keep hastling him on the phone or something? maybe if pestered from all angles he will get it done?

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