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To think this isn't really very sensible??

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KembleTwins Mon 05-Oct-09 22:50:47

So I was at the swimming pool this afternoon with my DTs (3.2) for their swimming lesson. Afterwards, we all had a bit of a swim/play together, then got out for a shower and to get changed. Just after we got out of the shower, the other two kids from the swimming lesson came through, with their mums, both of whom had a small (ish) baby. They all disappeared into the shower, and then the two mums re-appeared with the babies, leaving the toddlers (they're the same age as my DTs) in the showers on their own. I was quite shocked. The showers are not in view at all although we could hear the kids (screeeeeaming and running around) and the temperature gauge is at waist height on an average adult. Both mums got the babies and themselves changed with their toddlers out of sight in the showers the whole time. Obviously I wasn't timing it, but I got myself and my girls changed and blow-dried their hair before leaving the changing room, and the other two kids still hadn't emerged. I don't know either mum well enough to comment, but I thought that was a tad dangerous. AIBU?

LowLevelWhingeing Mon 05-Oct-09 22:53:28

what dangers are you thinking about?

Are you worried about the hot water or other things?

paisleyleaf Mon 05-Oct-09 22:55:48

Can't really say without being there
but maybe as long as they could hear the screaming and running around, they were reassured that all was well.

puddinghead Mon 05-Oct-09 22:56:56

When you say out of sight, were the showers just round the corner or a few feet away? Presume they were within hearing distance?

If something drastic had happened the mums would soon have heard about it.
If they're those showers that you push button and they go off after a couple mins the toddlers would soon have got cold anyway, so it couldn't have been for that long. Don't think it's such a big issue.

KembleTwins Mon 05-Oct-09 22:57:35

Turning the temperature up, yes, but also running around/being boistrous and ending up slipping over and hurting themselves.

LowLevelWhingeing Mon 05-Oct-09 23:09:54

I'm a bit of a hovering mum, but I think the risks here are quite minimal.

If the water gets hot they'll get a shock, but they'll also move out of the way pretty sharp.
They could slip and I would probably warn mine about this.

TBH I'd be worried about bugging people the most (that shows you where my priorities lie blush) but it doesn't sound too bad really...

KembleTwins Mon 05-Oct-09 23:19:15

Hmmm. I was probably just annoyed because one of the kids was new to the swimming lesson and spent most of the half hour pissing around and hogging the teacher's attention.

LowLevelWhingeing Mon 05-Oct-09 23:22:01

ah HA!

There is the crux of the matter - pissing around! I HATE pissing around as I am a Very Good Girl. You must be a Very Good Girl too, no? grin

KembleTwins Mon 05-Oct-09 23:24:07

Indeed. And so are my children. Honest. grin

KembleTwins Mon 05-Oct-09 23:26:39

Oh, puddinghead - sorry, xd posts with you. The showers aren't the push-button ones (it's a gym, rather than a public swimming pool (obv v posh)) so it's proper showers like you'd have at home - cublicles, curtains and stay on til you turn them off.

We have established that IABU though, and that I was more pissed off about the pissing around grin I'm happy to accept that.

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