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about these charges for activities?

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PeachesMcLean Mon 05-Oct-09 19:56:14

Horse riding on a beach, 2hrs, £50 per person

Pony Trekking, 1 hour, £22 pp

Quad biking, 20 minutes, £18.50 pp

Kayaking, 3hr 30mins, £50 pp

Coasteering, 3hrs, from £50pp

River canoe trip, full day, £90 pp

A guided tour around a local botanic garden, £22, doesn't include entrance fee

Boat trip to see whales and dolphins, half day, £55 pp

These are all charges for adults, probably first timers at the activity. Bookable through a certain holiday village.

AIBU that this is really blardy expensive?

daisymaybe Mon 05-Oct-09 19:58:32

I think insurance really pushes prices up for these sorts of activities. I know it does where horse riding is concerned anyway. £50 for two hours is a bit ridiculous though.

bigchris Mon 05-Oct-09 19:58:45


thats why we take our own bikes when we go and use the free swimming

PeachesMcLean Mon 05-Oct-09 20:05:36

What would you normally pay for these kinds of things, I want to know.

How much would you expect to pay for two hours horse riding, for instance?

Hando Mon 05-Oct-09 20:09:32

I don;t think they are expensive at all. About standard prices, and the insurance is included too remember.

3hr 30mins kayaking - is that just the hire of a kayak, or an instructor for part of that time too?

A half day boat trip to see whales and dolphins for £55 sounds like a great deal in fact!

RatherBeOnThePiste Mon 05-Oct-09 20:18:24

Horse riding sounds fair - it is an expensive activity wherever you go. I know somewhere where it costs £25 for a child to sit on a pony and by led by someone on foot, and that is for 30 minutes. We pay £35 for an hour proper lesson.

I'm not sure I'd pay for someone to show me round Botanical garden, unless I was an enthusiast. I'd probably enjoy looking at the flowers and go for a cup of tea and a piece of cake grin

nymphadora Mon 05-Oct-09 20:19:03

Slightly more expensive than usual but you would expect that on a resort anyway unfortunatly

Hulababy Mon 05-Oct-09 20:35:22

Seem about the norm to me.

These types of things are never cheap. Part of that is all the insurance costs behind it, and the cost of instructors. Labour costs really add up.

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