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To think that mothers like this need a slap?

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minime1 Sun 04-Oct-09 17:49:58


TAFKAtheUrbanDryad Sun 04-Oct-09 17:50:28

Link doesn't work.

AngryFromManchester Sun 04-Oct-09 17:51:38

oh yes blank mothers need a real slap
at least twice daily

southeastastra Sun 04-Oct-09 17:51:51

she does have very poor taste in tiles

minime1 Sun 04-Oct-09 17:51:56

It works for me. I'll try again.

minime1 Sun 04-Oct-09 17:52:56 70522CD13F22A5B283AA9646E30A760B0D811297

notagrannyyet Sun 04-Oct-09 17:53:17

I'm sure I've got a photo of my mum holding DB like that!

Would you say the same if she had a glass of wine in her hand?

minime1 Sun 04-Oct-09 17:53:18

grin SEA

minime1 Sun 04-Oct-09 17:54:08

Well, no because her ds wouldnt be drinking the wine, as he is, in fact, smoking that fag.

SqueezyCheese Sun 04-Oct-09 17:54:25

PMSL astra grin

scottishmummy Sun 04-Oct-09 17:54:56

your link what exactly is your point the image looks staged and un-spontaneous

most likely to provoke a response and get folk frothing about young mums. emm much like you are by saying "need a slap"

thumbscrewwitch Sun 04-Oct-09 17:55:07

why notagranny, would the fumes from a glass of wine be as dangerous as the smoke? hmm

Dogchewsonlimbsanpumpkins Sun 04-Oct-09 17:56:14

Message withdrawn

scottishmummy Sun 04-Oct-09 17:59:12

well looking at the picture she isnt elderly is she

Dogchewsonlimbsanpumpkins Sun 04-Oct-09 18:01:07

Message withdrawn

hobbgoblin Sun 04-Oct-09 18:02:52

No. Do you think you need some sense knocking into you though? It might make you think more intelligently around the issues.

SheikYerbouti Sun 04-Oct-09 18:04:23

" By southeastastra on Sun 04-Oct-09 17:51:51
she does have very poor taste in tiles"


We use that picture library at work.

scottishmummy Sun 04-Oct-09 18:05:13

LOL they have loads of hackneyed photos if you google jupiter images

something stereotypical for everyone

notagrannyyet Sun 04-Oct-09 18:27:18

Don't get me wrong minime. Of course smoking around little ones is very wrong. But in my mum's day (she would be in late 70s now) people were not so aware of the dangers. Mum would however have looked down on any parent drinking alcohol whilst caring for children.

And no I don't think a mum drinking wine and caring for a baby is a good thing. But that's just my opinion.

scottishmummy Sun 04-Oct-09 19:46:56

wine-kept me sane post birth and probably contributed to getting up nelly duff in first place

there is a picture in the photo album of my mum holding me as a baby.fag in one hand, cuppa tea in the other

she reports regularly had a fag whilst feeding

Mermaidspam Sun 04-Oct-09 20:05:34


What? People smoke around their babies? OMG!

(Is it just me that already knew this happened?) grin

SardineQueen Sun 04-Oct-09 20:09:50

ROFL @ this compared to other current smoking thread.

You really never can guess what mn reaction is going to be...

scottishmummy Sun 04-Oct-09 21:09:14

indeedy there is a picture of me with wine and wean

SardineQueen Sun 04-Oct-09 21:23:28

Well yes sm, I assumed that pic you linked to was you. Looking good grin

scottishmummy Sun 04-Oct-09 21:33:51

the jupiter website has some stoating photo-clichés

LOL my wine & wean was post birth.after popping i couldnt wait to get stuck into
soft cheese

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